Crystal Report Page Layout not previewing any width greater than 8.5"

I created a Sales Report in Crystal Reports 2016 that has 20 columns of Summary and then those 20 columns have sub-reports that I have linked to provide the Details by simply clicking on the hyper-link of the Sub_Report name.  I added the Sales Report to our Sage 100c Advanced v2019.2 Sales Order module - Custom Reports menu.  When I run the report, it works great for me.  I can scroll left and right for the 50" wide x 8.5" length I configured for this report to fit all 20 columns/sub-reports.  

However, when I went to show one of our Sales members how to run it, it only previews in 8.5" x 11" layout.  So she can only see 4 1/2 columns.  She doesn't get to scroll right to see columns 5-20 like I can.

The Page Setup in the main Crystal report is set to "No Printer" and Custom size = 50" wide by 8.5 height and Landscape selected.

I'm wondering if the difference is that I have the Crystal Writer installed and they only have the viewer from the standard Sage 100 workstation setup.  But I don't want to install Crystal Writer on each of the Sales staff's laptops for security reasons and I think I shouldn't have to.

Any ideas as to what is causing this and how to configure it to show all 20 columns and accept the 50" width?

Side note:  I used Knowledge Sync/Sage Alerts and Workflow to try and automatically email this report each day and with .rpt set as the output type, the email never triggers, but for a brief second appears in the Attachment directory of KS.  If I set the output type to .pdf, I get an email but the layout is 8.5" x 11" and don't see the entire 20 column report.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • If each one of the 20 columns has a sub report you are going to be in for a world of hurt. The more sub reports the more performance issues. What paper size do you have the report set to? 

  • Paper Size is 50 x 8.5.  The report runs within seconds

    I went ahead and installed CRW on 1 laptop, rebooted and this did not provide all 20 columns for this user, but still does for me.  

    I then took the first 7 columns and went into each Summary report and Sub-Report and set the Page Setup as Dissociate Formatting Page Size and Printer Paper Size to be 50 x 8.5 and Landscape.  Saved them all and ran the report again.  Still only shows the first 4 1/2 columns in a 8.5" x 11" paper layout.

    I then installed the same Printer Driver I have and selected this printer, even though I'm previewing, and same results.

    I can't find where the report is getting this standard 8.5 x 11 size nor what's the difference between my laptop and hers.  As for Sage 100, I have full admin rights, where as a sales/AR person she does not, but it still provides her the same data I get on the first 4 1/2 columns.

  • Do you have the "No Printer" box checked in File - Page Setup?

  • I seem to remember having issues when going beyond a certain page width... I think 40" is what I settled on as a maximum to use (through the runtime CR print engine).

  • Yes, the No Printer is checked.

    The strange thing it works for me locally and through Citrix.  Just not 2 sales people now; both only get 8.5 x 11 layout.  I even logged into Sage with my full admin rights and it doesn't work for me on their laptops.

    With the full crystal installed on 1 laptop, I think I'm going to re-run Sage 100 workstation setup and see what happens.

    Any other suggestions or places to look?