Item Valuation Change Selection: Phantom Connected Users

We have had this problem since switching to Sage 100. When we try to change an item's valuation in the Item Valuation Change Selection task in Inventory Management, and all users are logged out of Sage, we get the below dialog:

When I click More Info, I get the below dialog:

None of these users are actually connected, and one of them hasn't connected in almost a year.

How do I get rid of these phantom users? It's like Sage 100 has a cache of some sort.


  • Hey Kevin,

    Tell me more. I have tried restarting the service after everyone has logged out, but to no avail. Once everyone starts logging back in, I get the same list of users, same order, same modules - whether they're logged in or not.

    I'm interested in your idea of resetting SY_Workstation and SY_Console. How do I go about that?

    Thank you

  • Look at KB article 19199, in the section referencing damaged system files... it tells you how to reset them.

  • Kevin,

    Thanks for that! I read an article last night that pointed at renaming the two system files as well. I did that this morning, restarted all services and then logged back into Sage to generate those files again. Fingers crossed. I'll report back when I know more.

    Thanks for always being a fount of knowledge! I appreciate it.


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  • I wanted to put this one to rest for anyone who might see something similar. The problem has to do with folks leaving a Sage client open when they leave for the day. Someone will occasionally leave for the day, leave Sage open and leave their workstation logged in. The machine goes to sleep after and hour, and the Sage client stays  open and active. If we have to force log anyone out of the database because of this, it doesn't perform a friendly shutdown of the client. There are still Sage tasks running in the background, and to Sage, it looks as if the user is still logged in. If this happens enough, any task that requires everyone to be out of the database, will present the dialog that there are users still logged in. These "phantom" users can only be cleared by killing Sage related processes on the server and starting them fresh, or just rebooting the server altogether, and restarting the offending client machines. Then everyone has to make sure they log out of Sage every day, which cures the problem. In about 2 months of doing this, we've had no issues.

    Thanks to all who weighed in on the topic. I appreciate it greatly!