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Sage 100: Sage City, your new source for product release updates

Sage City is our online community where our customers go to ask questions and share product experiences, get the latest Sage product news, and access valuable customer resources. Sage currently publishes all notifications about software updates and releases through the Sage product forums in Sage City.

Effective April 1, 2019, we will no longer email you communications for updates, including tax updates and year-end updates, and new releases. To ensure that you receive timely information about updates and releases, visit Sage City and subscribe to the Announcements, News, and Alerts forum for Sage 100 now. When you subscribe to a forum, you’ll receive an email notification when a new post is created. Everyone at your organization can create an account and subscribe to these forums and receive notifications, there is no limit on the number of people within your business.

To sign up for Sage City and subscribe:

  1. Go to Sage City
  2. Click the outline of a person in the upper right-hand corner
    • If you are already signed in, your profile picture displays instead of an outline. Skip to step 4
    • If you are not signed in and you already have a Sage ID, enter your email address then click Join or sign in. Enter your Password and click Log In. Skip to step 4 
  3. If you do not have an existing Sage ID, fill out the requested information to log in to Sage City.
  4. Hover over Support Groups and select your country
  5. Select the product for which you would like to receive notices
  6. Select Forums then Sage 100 Announcements, News, and Alerts
  7. Click More on the right-hand side, then select Turn Forum notifications on

To adjust the settings on which types of notifications you wish to receive by email:

  1. Select More on the right-hand side, then click Manage Subscriptions
  2. Select Notifications
  3. Unselect the email notifications for the things you do not wish to receive

    Note: Please be sure to leave Creates threads in forums to which you are subscribed selected if you wish to receive an email notification when product updates are posted

We encourage you to explore Sage City—and bookmark for convenient access to many helpful resources.

  • Making customers search for updates is poor.  Perhaps it will work out better than I think if we only get email updates when there is an update to the product.  I don't want emails every time someone posts something in a forum.

  • Hi Andy,

    If you subscribe only to the Announcements, News, and Alerts forum, you will only receive notifications based on your settings for that specific forum. This forum is limited to only a few Sage Employees posting new content.

    Any new releases, I will make the top post in this forum for until the next release is out so that they shouldn't be hard to search for.

  • Our prices keep going up and you can't even let us know when there's an update? Update notification should be an essential part of support.  Making us search for updates is very poor customer service.

  • I'm not on all the possible notification distribution lists, and have been constantly frustrated at not knowing about a release until days later.  A central resource with a single subscription for notifications is a positive move from my perspective.

  • Once you have subscribed to the forum you will receive a notification when an update is posted, and new updates will be the top item in the forum. There will be no searching needed.