See what’s new in Sage 100 ERP 2014

With the release of Sage 100 ERP 2014, let’s highlight some of the enhancements that have been added based on some of your feedback.

One such new enhancement to version 2014 is Autocomplete. This feature allows you to enter the customer name, vendor name, or item description in its respective fields instead of by number.

Also, enhancements have been made for finding invoices. When you are in Sage 100 ERP 2014, an invoice list flashlight button has been added to Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry, Accounts Payable Repetitive Invoice Entry, and Accounts Receivable Repetitive Invoice Entry. The new flashlight button allows you to easily search invoices already entered but not yet posted.

Also, payroll has been updated to keep up to date with new changes in payroll requirements. This includes the ability to report up to 16 Box 12 codes on W-2s, Puerto Rico W-2s, as well as a new field for the Massachusetts Employer Medical Assistance Contribution rate in Tax Table Maintenance.

Additionally, the Electronic Reporting module has been retired. Even though Sage will no longer be updating the standard preprinted payroll and accounts payable tax forms (W-2, 941, and 1099) and the Electronic Reporting module for all versions as of tax filing year 2014, you will still have the ability to print all of these forms and many more using the Federal or State eFiling menu tasks.

You will be able to print and/or electronically file W-2, 941, 1099, plus 250+ signature-ready federal and state tax forms to plain paper. This solves the alignment issues people were having with pre-printed forms. Also there is no need to rename .rpt files in order to get 941 forms updated to show the new tax year. When an eFiling update is released, you will be prompted to install an automatic update to ensure you have the latest federal and state tax forms.

Also, the payroll Federal and State tax forms like W-2, W-3, 941, 1099, Unemployment, Withholding, and New Hire are now provided by Aatrix and can be printed within Sage 100 ERP. This helps facilitate filing payroll and accounts payable tax forms.

In order to print and/or eFile the 2014 941 Form, for example, please access Federal eFiling and Reporting, located under the Payroll > Period End menu. To learn how to install, activate, update and uninstall Federal and State eFiling and Reporting, go to KB article 18851 over a

Please note that you only incur fees for the forms you choose to eFile electronically using Aatrix.

Something new that was added to Sage Intelligence for Sage 100 ERP is the Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting Profitability Dashboard. This features enables users to quickly identify the profitability of customers, products, and salespersons based on weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual segments. The Profitability dashboard can be downloaded via Search for KB 32124 for Excel 2007-2010 and KB article 32128 for Excel 2013.

Other enhancements include the option to keep the Custom Report and General Ledge windows after print or preview. 

Also, when using the search grid, the Column Name field defaults to the first column name in the grid (it used to default to the row number). For example, in A/P Invoice Data Entry, when you click the Find Row button to open the Search Grid window, G/L Account is now the default value in the Column Name field.

In terms of Sage CRM, we’ve made improvements to the connection and integration of Sage 100 ERP 2014 and Sage CRM 7.2b.

More details on the Sage 100 ERP 2014 enhancements can be found on the Sage 100 ERP 2014 Release site.

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  • BigLouie is right in that autocomplete in the Item Number would be more useful, and make more sense, since if I want to search for an Item Description, I can just open the search via F2 or the flashlight. Besides, it's more helpful to look for a word that the description contains rather than by how it starts. If you really want us to be able to autocomplete by Item Description, then don't have that field greyed out when we open the module.

  • Autocomplete only works in some area's for some companies, like inside vendor maintenance it works but not in invoice data entry.  Seems to correlate with an asterisk in the window heading.  Also used to be able to use F2 to bring up the search by screen, this no longer works.  

  • While the Autocomplete works great, for inventory I wish the user can select between the item number and the item description.  For us it would work better if the autocomplete worked on the Item Number rather than the Item Description.