• 1099 processing in Sage 100 2015

    I was told that I wouldn't be able to process 1099's through Aatrix, since I am using the 2015 version. Specifically, we are on

    1. Is this correct?

    2. Any suggestions as to how to process 1099's?

    3. We will have three (3) vendors…

  • Address changes on W-2's

    I am looking for instructions on processing address changes to the W-2's.  My client is using Aatrix so I though it would be in the eFiling and Reporting guide, but I didn't see it.  Does anyone have a link to how to process, additional charges…

  • W-3 won't print!!!

    Our W-3 won't print out on the preprinted form.  It prints the entire form in black ink.  We've hit reprint, start over, correct and tried selecting "preprinted" as our paper source but it happens every time.  Can someone please help?!…

  • 5-4-1 Payroll Forms Atrix "did not recognize form type: ACA Affordable Care Act" "Vendor code missing from command line"

    When processing forms in PAYROLL [5-4-1, 5-4-2, 5-3-9]

    Opened 5-4-1 Federal Forms

    Received Error: "did not recognize form type: ACA Affordable Care Act"

    Aatrix window loads but NO FORMS ARE VISIBLE FOR SELECTION

    -ran forms update, forms updated…

  • RE: 1099 INT Forms

    As of 2014 tax filing year, we are no longer updating the standard 1099 forms printed from AP>Reports>1099 Form Printing menu task.

    You need to use AP>Reports>1099 eFiling and Reporting menu task to print and/or eFile your 1099 forms.

    To download…

  • RE: 1099 E-Filing error


    Please verify in your Internet Options > Advanced tab in the Security section that TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 are selected:



    If error still persists, please visit http://aatrix.com/updateshome/techinfo for required internet/firewall settings & 

  • RE: Form 1099 eFiling and reporting only shows 2015 Calendar Year

    Yes because your vendors were not setup as 1099 vendors until a few days ago, you will have to manually add YTD amounts in Vendor maintenance > 1099 History for 2015

  • RE: Error 12 pr_efiling.pvc 0173


    You are welcome :)

    For the most part the Windows permissions and firewall settings that are required by Aatrix are the same. What I have found is that customers networks are more secured then in the past, which is causing the communication issues…

  • ***eFile Deadline for Aatrix "COMPLETE SERVICE" EXTENDED**

    If you choose to eFile using Aatrix “COMPLETE SERVICE” option for W2 or 1099 forms they have extended their deadline to February 2nd at 8am CST to guarantee employee or recipient copies to be mailed and postmarked on Monday, February 2nd.


  • ETR Efiling W-2 grid Box 12 Code D amount total does not match Box 12a on W-3 figure

    Efiling through Aatrix, Box 12 Code D total for all employees does not match what is in W-3 Box 12a. The amount in the grid is more than what is on the W-3. Anyone experienced this issue?


  • RE: How to get Aatrix to print only employees that have a specific local from a pool of total W2s

    Choose the Reprint Completed W2s option and click Next

    Select the Print Sorted Locality Copies option and click Next


    Proceed through wizard making applicable selections

  • RE: Submit Efile txt file with State of Oregon

    Yes if you chose to eFile Federal & State, Aatrix will submit the electronic file for you. You can log into your Aatrix account at https://efile.aatrix.com/ to get the details of your filing.

  • How to get Aatrix to print only employees that have a specific local from a pool of total W2s


    How to get Aatrix to print only employees that have a specific local from a pool of total W2s


    . I have 50 employees that will have W2 printed for them

    .. all employees work in Ohio (so Ohio is fine)

    .. 20 work in Cincinnati

    .. 30…