• receiving a rent from a location that I also rent.

    I do rent a warehouse for my business, about 45 thousand square feet; my rent is about $45,000.00.  but from this space I do rent to somebody else and receive $3,000.00. The question is,

    how can I book the $3,000.00, should I credit rent expense or another…

  • Retaining history when changing item code

    Is there a way to change an item code or merge with a new item code while retaining the sales history from the original code? 

  • A GL Account for a GPS traker

    I may not in the right place to post ask these questions. But I need some help.

    I purchase a GPS tracker for my trucks what GL should I use for this expense.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Getting started with SData (posting/creating customers)

    So I've got SData installed and working. I can ping AR_Customer to get a list of customers. However, attempting to post to this endpoint with the following body fails:

    Of note, I've slimmed down the payload to only what is known to be the simplest…

  • Sage 100 2023 release

    Is there any update on the release of Sage 100 2023?

  • Outstanding Credit on BR, Financials reflect Debit - SAGE 100


    Looking for any help/guidance I can get. I had some issues when printing a check for an invoice, so I made adjustments and reversals, and then the second check was double the invoice, I realized I incorrectly adjusted the invoice, corrected that…

  • AP Vendor Remittance Advice Number is not incrementing

    Within the AP Options - Entry-  we have checked the box for Increment Next Check No. When Changed During Printing under the Manual Check Quick Print header.  Our AP analyst has to manually advance this field when performing ACH payments.  Does anyone know…

  • How to deal with a Prepaid credit card purchase order and have the payment reflecting that payment.

    We have a vendor that is prepay via credit card (not attached to sage). They have already been paid and entered into Purchase Order receipt of goods, the Purchase Order Receipt of invoice entry. This vender and invoice are showing on my aged invoice report…

  • Florida sales tax configuration need Avalara?

    Before I go down the Avalara route, wanted to see if anyone has any creative suggestions for handling sales tax unique to Florida. 

    Equipment Sales over 5,000.00  (only equipment sales )

    First 5,000.00 is state and county tax 

    Over 5,000.00 is just state…

  • Looking for a way to or find a modification for creating payroll deduction based on % of Gross less Medical Insurance and cafeteria plan (FSA)

    Looking for a way to or find a modification for creating payroll deduction based on % of Gross less Medical Insurance and cafeteria plan (FSA).  Anyone experienced this request before?

  • OAuth Login Screen, Office 365

    Hello all,

    I constantly get a popup to log into my account with microsoft every time I try to test the Oauth email settings. When I do actually try to log in, the page fails as seen in below screenshot. Everything is filled in on the company maintenance…

  • An Error has Occurred. While running Sage. not a Sage Error

     Has anyone seen this kind of error?

    Any suggestion for a solution?

  • display separate quantities for each warehouse in item look up

    Hi there!

    I'm a fairly new Sage 100 user and work in a call center that handles sales for multiple warehouses. 

    I get a lot of questions about the availability of products and in different sizes (which we use different item codes for).  I would like…

  • Does SAGE 100 offer paperless for SO Picking sheets

    In the SO module we currently use paperless Output Office for printing SO's and SO invoices. 

    Is there a way to use paperless for printing the picking sheet "Pick Sheet"?


  • job number not showing up on the PO

    In SAGE 100 when we enter an order, and that order is for a job we enter the job number. We decide to drop ship some of the items and generate the PO while in the SO.
    At this point why does the job number and cost codes not get carried over to the PO?…

  • misc items

    Miscellaneous Codes:

    can a service item be entered into "inventory" since there is nothing to physically count so we can assign a vendor and costing. And just make it a drop ship only item.


  • How can I verify where items are committed? Sales Orders/Backorders/Etc.

    My company manufactures products that we categorize by Lot #. As an example, I have an item with Lot # ABCD that we delivered into Sage 4,143 bottles. Of that Lot #, I can confirm that 3,628 have been invoiced and sold, leaving 515 left, which is exactly…

  • Making a customer inactive

    I want to make a customer inactive. When I try I get this

    When I click details I get

    I know that this job is completed.

    The job is marked as “Complete” under job status

    Clearly I am missing something.

    What do I have to do to the Job or…

  • Credit Card Reversal


    How do I reverse a credit card transaction? I've already followed the steps thru the invoice data entry filed but I am told I need to process a void thru Paya Exchange?

    I didn't think we had a Paya account.



  • Remove line breaks in VI Export

    Hello all,

    SAGE 100 Could Advanced 2020 (V6.20.1.0)

    I have a VI (Visual  Integrator) export job that pulls fields from CI_Items out of SAGE and into a .CSV file. I use Task Manager to automate this export and then another software reads the .CSV files.…

  • Integrated budget solution for Sage 100

    Looking for a recommendation for an integrated budget solution for Sage 100

  • Sage Alerts HTML email color coded table

    I am writing an html email alert for Sage Alerts and Workflow v9.0 for Sage 100 and I have a table in the email alert and I want the table to be shaded for every other row. I'm using the nth-child(even) method and I can't get it to work. If someone has…

  • How to clear Misc Charges on Purchases Clearing Report

    Working with Sage 100c Advanced v2019 and need to clean up Purchase Clearing Report where some PO's on report have Misc Charges on them, they go back years.  


    Qty Ordered = 7.00

    Qty Received = 0.00 (Can't receive Qty on a Charge)

    Qty Invoiced…

  • Sage 100 2017: Can I run a Virtual Integrator import job using sData?

    I have a VI job that is using odbc to connect to my database.

    is it possible to execute this VI job using sData?

  • Sage 100 2017 Job Cost Estimate Sdata

    I am trying to add a job estimate header and details using SData, but it is not allowing me, also the JC_JobEstimateSpecial is missing