• Overpaid Vendor

    We overpaid a vendor and instead of them having cut us a check we are having them apply it to other open invoices.

    I am not able to determine what check or checks we sent it came from.

    They have undistributed funds on our account with them.
    I asked them…

  • Moving payments to correct account

    Hi,  I have payments on account from doing the bank rec which should be on a different account, how do I move these payments to the correct account?

  • Stop cost posting to completed Work Orders

    Is there a way to set a warning when posting cost to a closed work order? 

  • Duplicated Invoices

    hi, I'm working with v 2021 Premium. we've had issues with CI_140MB_UpdateDetailToIM.pvc. SO invoice batch posting was interrupted resulting in multiple HeaderSeq numbers being created once posting was refreshed - invoices were duplicated. Looks…

  • How to clear OCIP cost

    What is the best way to clear OCIP/CCIP costs?  I have received retention less OCIP charges.  This is the amount showing as an open amount in the Net Due in A/R invoices grid.

  • Sales order issue


    I have been having problems with an order. Item #SLM5025 is the problem child. The system would not allow me to change the line to ship out of 000 from 600. I would get an error message saying that an item code is required, When I open the Sales…

  • Customer Refund Check how to

    How do I process a refund check to a customer (AR)? 


  • Making a customer inactive

    I want to make a customer inactive. When I try I get this

    When I click details I get

    I know that this job is completed.

    The job is marked as “Complete” under job status

    Clearly I am missing something.

    What do I have to do to the Job or…

  • Credit Card Reversal


    How do I reverse a credit card transaction? I've already followed the steps thru the invoice data entry filed but I am told I need to process a void thru Paya Exchange?

    I didn't think we had a Paya account.



  • Accounts Payable check printing

    Accounts Payable printed pre-numbered checks w/o checking the next check number in sequence. Checks are clearing the bank with the pre-numbered check number but posted to the ledger with different check numbers. We have positive pay with our issuing bank…

  • Items on sales orders that don't exist

    We have several inventory items that say they are on sales orders, but those sales orders don't show up under that tab in Item Maintenance. How do we fix this so we can trust our system has the correct information?

  • SO Line Will not Delete

    We created a SO and it is a standard order with 5-6 lines, the first line we have as a "/c" line.  The other lines are normal line items, when we delete the 2nd line it goes away, we save the SO, but when you go back to the SO, the line is still…

  • Wrong Unit Cost on ROG

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to process the ROI for a PO and I keep getting a variance saying the unit cost is off. It is showing the ROG unit cost as higher than what was invoiced. When I go into the PO the price has been changed to match the invoice…

  • Purchase Order - Deleted Order

    Hi everyone.

    I am wondering if there is any way to Un-Delete a PO.     Have a PO, it is in PO History it is listed as a Deleted Order.

    is there any way it can be put back to Active/Open Status?


  • Transferring FG inventory from one warehouse to another


    We have recently created a second warehouse in our system and are trying to find the most efficient/effective way to transfer the inventory in the system as well as physically.  I know there is a transfer option in inventory management, but we are…

  • How to clear Misc Charges on Purchases Clearing Report

    Working with Sage 100c Advanced v2019 and need to clean up Purchase Clearing Report where some PO's on report have Misc Charges on them, they go back years.  


    Qty Ordered = 7.00

    Qty Received = 0.00 (Can't receive Qty on a Charge)

    Qty Invoiced…

  • Credit memo without including any inventory

    Is there a way to give a customer a credit memo without including any inventory items in the "lines" section? One of our salesman price gauged a customer, the customer found out, and now we need to give them a credit to cover the extra price that was…

  • How to post deposits, outsourced payroll, accruals for fiscal year...

    Hello, So the situation seems a bit complex and I am having a hard time figuring it out. Hopefully someone can help. The organization has had Sage for years but only entered invoices and paid through the system. At the fiscal year end the bookkeeper would…

  • Apply Security Deposits to Utility Expense

    What is the easiest way to apply security deposit (asset account) to my utility expenses? as you know, some utility company's require security deposits upon set up, after a year in good standing they start to refund your security deposit. I'm at that…

  • Invoice Shows as Paid, but has not been Paid

    Hello - I have an invoice that is showing as paid, but it's not. When I pull it up under Vendor Inquiry it still shows a balance due. However, when I pull it up under Invoice Data Entry - it is stating is has already been paid. It doesn't even give the…

  • checks posted to wrong month

    I posted checks in the wrong month can I reverse the post and re-post in the current month?

  • Relieving parts inventory for service work

    We're a sales & service company using Sage100.  On the service side, we're currently either buying inventory parts and charging them out immediately to the service department  (this makes for cost in the current month and revenue in a subsequent…

  • warehouse to warehouse transfers

    Is there a way in SAGE to handle warehouse to warehouse transfer requests in which each warehouse involved can actually "see" the request?  For example, Warehouse "X" needs an item that is available in Warehouse "Y" (these warehouses are in different…

  • How do I set a new check number because I got off a while back?

    I got off on the check number and now when i type the new one in it is just a one time thing and goes back to the number before I changed it. can anyone help?

  • Can you reopen a prior period?

    I need to add some things I forgot...