• What table contains the Sale Type column?

    I am trying to run a custom crystal report that pulls customer invoices based on Invoice Date and Sale Type of  "GSA".

    For the life of me I can't seem to find the table that holds this information.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Add a Due Date Column to Customer Statement

    How can I add a column to my customer statement for the due date?  Thank you for your help!

  • Form doesn't print footer


    I added a footer to one of my sales order forms, it will display when I open form in Designer but when I go to print a order footer doesn't print out.  I found a suggestion to open section expert and check the box to print at bottom however…

  • adding fields to selection section on reports


    Can you add selection filter fields to the bottom of reporting display .. I need to add invoice type.. 

  • Business Insight Column data sources


    How can I add more Column Data Sources into Business Insight?? see below



    Please guide me how i can make the custom crystal report for Inventory Reorder Point. 

    how i can enter Item numbers according to our need and always follow up accordingly to see when i have to reorder. I dont want to see the whole item list report…

  • when using Visual Integrator to import a PO

    Hi  When I am trying to import a PO through VI can I import a comment line.

    In My SO import I replace the "Line type" and comments import as a 4  items import as a 5.  Is there a similar thing with PO's.

    I can't get it to import the comment…

  • Customer statements will only reference invoices?

    When I go to print customer statements, the reference will only show if it is for the Invoice #. At the very least, I want it to reference invoice #s AND credit #s. If it's possible though, I would also like for it to reference the check # for paid invoices…

  • designer

    How do I add back orders to my packing slip?

  • How do I hide a section under the GL custom reports Sage 100

    I want to hide the Excess Receipts Over (Under) Expenses totals in the CURR BUDGET (2nd Column) along with the underlines in this custom report under the GL Module. I've tried to skip and can't find any other way to hide this. Any ideas?


  • Secondary Bin Location Issue


    I'm working on a project for a distributor who is struggling to record secondary bin locations. We hit upon the idea to use virtual warehouses to record the secondary and tertiary locations. We then would customize our put away and picking sheets…

  • Comment dire Sales Order and Quote en francais?

    J'ai besoin d'envoyer un couriel a des clients du Quebec et je ne sais pas comment dire Sales Order et Quote en Francais.  Est-ce que vous pouvez m'aider?

    Merci a l'avance

  • Entering a Revised Estimate

    I am trying to figure out how to put in a revised estimate on a Job Cost Code Detail Report.

    I am able to put in the original Estimate, but the Revised Estimate is a non editable field. 

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • What is the best practice for entering monies received for things i.e. rents (parking) and rebates from vendors that are in the form of a check?

    Would it be to create a cash invoice in the receivables module and apply it to the best fitting G/L account?  Is there a better way to enter receipts of intangibles for parking rent monies and rebate checks from vendors. As of now I am creating a cash…

  • Scan old files and attach to Customer Maintenance file.

    I know how to link a file to a customer file.  We have years of old files that need to be scanned and then linked.  What have some of you used in the past to do this?  Software?  Hardware?  and why did you pick one over another?

    It would be great if we could…

  • Pass a parameter to a crystal report in vbscript

    I added a button to the SO invoice entry screen with a VBscript attached:

    Set Report = CreateObject("Sage100ERP.Reporting.Report")
    Report.Load("C:\Sage\Sage 100 Advanced ERP\MAS90\Reports\SO_Report_custom.rpt")
    connectionString = "DSN…

  • Crystal Reports Gross Requirement Report: I want to add a field to display Extended Item Description.

    However, when I added the SO_Invoice.Wrk table, and added the field ExtendedDescriptionText to the report, it resulted in an error when trying to print. What am I doing wrong?

  • Updating Remittance Advise

    Good afternoon, we are finally starting to make payment via ACH out of Sage 100 and as part of that we are planning on sending the Remittance Advice via email.  However, prior to doing so we would like to make a couple changes to the remittance advice. 

  • Setting up vendors for "virtual" credit card processing

    We are working with our bank to setup vendor payments via virtual credit cards.  We need to be able to send a file to the bank with the invoices selected for payment which the bank would use to "fund" the vendors credit card.  How would we go…

  • chart of accounts/general ledger/financials

    hi Sage users/professionals -

    what is the best way to get an understanding of how the Sage MAS 90 chart of accounts and general ledger work and how they tie into the financials?

    I need to :

    a.  change the name of some chart of accounts descriptions