• Sales Order User tracking

    Hello, Our Ops Mgr. Is looking for a report or log that shows users activity with sales order? Like a audit trail, trying to eliminate S/O errors and trying to determine who is making them. Thank you!!
  • Purchase Order - Item was "Over Invoiced"

    Hello, For one PO we received two different invoices since products were shipped separately. For a line that was for the sales tax, it was used twice when receiving the two invoices instead of a second line being created for the second invoice's sales…
  • I did not print my period end reports and finished period end processing. Can I print these reports after?

    I made the mistake of not printing any of my period end reports in AP Module only. I closed all the periods through period end processing. Is there a way I can print these reports now?
  • An Invoice Was Entered Without Using PO and Isn't Showing as Invoice Received

    I had entered an invoice in AP → Invoice Data Entry instead of using PO → Receipt of Invoice Entry. When I run the Open Purchase Order Report. The PO is now Backordered and it shows as the item being ordered and received, but not invoiced. The invoice…
  • CC and ACH Settlement Report - Crystal

    Hello.. This is more a Crystal question than Sage but I thought what the heck maybe someone out there has a quick answer. So I'm trying to add the Invoice # field to the report however when I add Inv# from the AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader table the report…
  • Who Printed a Work Ticket?

    Hi, Any way I can get the user ID / Logon name to print at the bottom of a work ticket? All i am able to find are fields for the user that created or updated the work ticket, but not the user who actively printed it. Thanks, Ryan
  • Customer Statements

    Is there an option to run customer statements for customers with a balance less than a specific amount? (Ie, less than $100.00)
  • Inactivating multiple vendors

    Hi, our old IT person left us a while back and I don't know how she got older vendors inactivated for us. I was under the assumption that there was some sort of utility that could be ran to inactivate any vendors not used in the past 5 years, set their…
  • Sales Order Update

    I am trying to update my daily sales order sales journal and I am getting an error. Error Description Tax structures were found in the following invoices: invoice1 invoice2 invoice3 invoice4 invoice5 What do I do?
  • How is the Beginning Balance in the Trial blanace being calculated?

    I'm trying to build a consilidated trial balance report using an external BI solution (Qlik) by querrying the SQL database of Sage (GL_DetailPosting) Credit and Debit amounts of the current period are wokring perfectly, but i'm not able to figure out…
  • No ShipExpireDate in the SO_SalesOrderHistoryHeader table either for these three orders

    Running On Time Delivery queries/reports to get historical data, and found SalesOrderNo's Completed a few years ago that have a ShipDate that is years in the future in AR_InvoiceHisturyHeader. No ShipDate on Sales Order Inquiry Screen either.
  • Inventory

    I am really new to Sage program. I ran a physical count variance report after a physical count was done. However, the Quantity on Hand shows zeros for every item. What did I do wrong> Thank you
  • Accounts Receivable Trial Balance

    I am trying to print this report for a specific customer dating back to when the account was first created, 5/2014, however when it prints out it only goes back to 10/2019. Is there a way to include the information prior to that date or is there another…
  • Credit Card entry charge details

    using Sage 100 and trying to figure out how to see the detail underlying Credit Card payment entries. We enter the total payment to, say, Amex, with the underlying individual charges, but then can not go back to find out what those charges are. Looking…
  • Sales Order Printing - Quotes

    Hello, When previewing a S/O or Quote there is an option to export/save the form to disk when we do this into a PDF format Sage adds the letter 'i" to several of the words in the header. It only seems to be in the header the body looks correct. However…
  • Can you sort on a UDF field?

    Hello, Is it possible to add a UDF field to the Picking Sheet report so we can sort the pick sheets by date? Thank you..
  • Inventory Stock Status report

    Hello anyone have an idea on the below When running the Inventory stock status report to show inventory that only references items we have a qty on, it for some reason it will not reference an item with a qty on hand if there is not a vendor associated…
  • display separate quantities for each warehouse in item look up

    Hi there! I'm a fairly new Sage 100 user and work in a call center that handles sales for multiple warehouses. I get a lot of questions about the availability of products and in different sizes (which we use different item codes for). I would like…
  • Reporting

    Sage should be totally embarrassed by the 1980's style of reporting built in to Sage 100. As I said, it has to be at least 40 years behind the industry. Specifically, in the budgeting area that needs to be totally blown up and started over. Does Sage…
  • Letters are getting cut off in Crystal Reports Sales Order Printing

    My staff informed me that Sage Crystal Reports Sales Orders are printing with a couple letters cut off. I don't know how long this has been going on. I went in and stretched the box but it added more words and still cuts them off. first line word should…
  • Completed Purchase Orders showing on Purchases Clearing Report

    Several months ago I cleaned up the Purchases Clearing Report. It was current and accurate. I ran it yesterday and there are old (anywhere from 1-13 years old) completed purchase orders showing on the report. Most of them are showing as a scenario where…
  • Sales Order and Qoute History Report

    Hello... I'm attempting to duplicate the standard report Sales Order and Quote History Report but changing some of the fields that display. I want to replace Unit of Measure with Prod Line. So created a new Report Setting named PRODUCT LINE.. then remove…
  • How do I fix the module options for a GL detail report - task scheduler?

    I am trying to a task scheduler to run a GL detail report but when I test the task, it runs for a whole year instead of just date that I would need the scheduler. How can I fix this issue? thank you
  • SO Line Count Report

    We are trying to see how many SO lines a user types up in a date range. The SO can be open or invoiced, I thought I could run an export of the SO Detail History table, but it is not going the way I thought. Tried to put a date parameter but it looks like…
  • Component Requirement report with related Open POs?

    Has anyone found or able to create a report that has all the data pulled in Component Requirement Report + related Open POs data (qty on order, ETA)?