• Accounts Receivable Trial Balance

    I am trying to print this report for a specific customer dating back to when the account was first created, 5/2014, however when it prints out it only goes back to 10/2019. Is there a way to include the information prior to that date or is there another…

  • Credit Card entry charge details

    using Sage 100 and trying to figure out how to see the detail underlying Credit Card payment entries.  We enter the total payment to, say, Amex, with the underlying individual charges, but then can not go back to find out what those charges are.  Looking…

  • Sales Order Printing - Quotes


    When previewing a S/O or Quote there is an option to export/save the form to disk when we do this into a PDF format Sage adds the letter 'i" to several of the words in the header.  It only seems to be in the header the body looks correct…

  • Getting the updates needed for 1099 E-File updates

    Help!!  I am working for a company that has Sage 100.  Apparently at point in time an update for the software was taken, which has made it impossible to get any information, or help in getting the updates needed for 1099 E-File updates.  I have chatted with…

  • Can you sort on a UDF field?


    Is it possible to add a UDF field to the Picking Sheet report so we can sort the pick sheets by date?

    Thank you..

  • Inventory Stock Status report

    Hello anyone have an idea on the below

    When running the Inventory stock status report to show inventory that only references items we have a qty on, it for some reason it will not reference an item with a qty on hand if there is not a vendor associated…

  • Reporting

    Sage should be totally embarrassed by the 1980's style of reporting built in to Sage 100.  As I said, it has to be at least 40 years behind the industry.  Specifically, in the budgeting area that needs to be totally blown up and started over.  Does Sage…

  • Letters are getting cut off in Crystal Reports Sales Order Printing

    My staff informed me that Sage Crystal Reports Sales Orders are printing with a couple letters cut off.  I don't know how long this has been going on.  I went in and stretched the box but it added more words and

    still cuts them off.  first line word…

  • Does SAGE 100 offer paperless for SO Picking sheets

    In the SO module we currently use paperless Output Office for printing SO's and SO invoices. 

    Is there a way to use paperless for printing the picking sheet "Pick Sheet"?


  • Paperless Office

    We have paperless office setup and it works very well but the only thing is once in a while an invoice is not printed correctly and so it's not in the folder is there any automated way to go back and to grab missing invoices and have them reprint to the…

  • Completed Purchase Orders showing on Purchases Clearing Report

    Several months ago I cleaned up the Purchases Clearing Report. It was current and accurate. I ran it yesterday and there are old (anywhere from 1-13 years old) completed purchase orders showing on the report. Most of them are showing as a scenario where…

  • Sales Order and Qoute History Report

    Hello... I'm attempting to duplicate the standard report Sales Order and Quote History Report but changing some of the fields that display. I want to replace Unit of Measure with Prod Line. So created a new Report Setting named PRODUCT LINE.. then remove…

  • How do I fix the module options for a GL detail report - task scheduler?

    I am trying to a task scheduler to run a GL detail report but when I test the task, it runs for a whole year instead of just date that I would need the scheduler. How can I fix this issue? thank you

  • SO Line Count Report

    We are trying to see how many SO lines a user types up in a date range.  The SO can be open or invoiced, I thought I could run an export of the SO Detail History table, but it is not going the way I thought.  Tried to put a date parameter but it looks like…

  • Component Requirement report with related Open POs?

    Has anyone found or able to create a report that has all the data pulled in Component Requirement Report + related Open POs data (qty on order, ETA)?

  • Customer Statement Emailing

    Hello All,

    I was wondering if there is a module that allows you to email statements to customers using the email already used in their respective customers account.. I'm sure this is an option somewhere, but i cannot find where. 



  • Explore will not open on my computer but will on others

    All of the sudden explore won't work on my computer. I have logged into Sage on other computers and my login allows me to access Explore.

    What can I do? I read Solution ID: 111941 in the Knowledge base, but I can't find System Manager in Sage 100cloud…

  • Accounts Payable- Vendor Listing

    Which report shows a list of all Vendors including if they have a W-9 or not?


  • "From" address when emailing a report through Task Scheduler?

    Trying to set up an automated email of a stock Sage report...

    Yet when email is working (tested OK from Company Maintenance), and Paperless configured properly for emailing Forms (!), yet there does not appear to be anywhere to set a From address when…

  • Union Report Parameter Issue

    I'm having an issue when running my union report.  Basically I'm using two data containers - 1 for customer sales, 1 for vendor purchases.  I wanted to capture a start/end date upon running the report and use those values to filter the Invoice date…

  • SAGE100: the PDF document was not created successfully


    We have SAGE100 installed on a server. Last week we lost power for 3 hours and after that whenever someone is trying to save a pdf from remittance I keep getting this message and the process fails: "the PDF document was not created successfully…

  • paperless email message per customer


    We have a special customer who gets emailed invoices, but they need an email that does not have the normal message.  I know we can click the little button next to the Paperless output and modify the message to only show the subject line, but is there…

  • Processing a large number of Deferred journals / registers to PDF?

    We have a customer (v2018 Premium) who was set up with auto-posting (imported transactions) to Deferred and left it that way for about a year.  Now they want to print the journals somehow.  Is there any way to get these journals / registers processed into…

  • How to print sale orders in PDF with date range selection under sales order printer tab?

    How to print sale orders in PDF with date range selection under sales order printer tab?

    Moreover, i want each sales order to print PDF file instead of one big PDF file which contains all sales order.


  • Error in File Sales_Order2...ErroKind

    Unfamiliar with this Error.  Can't Print Sales Orders.  Is there any knowledge on how to correct?