• Is anyone out there using planogram software that pulls data from Sage?

    Hi all, we are interested in planogram software that can pull inventory details from Sage - dimensions, UOM conversion info, etc... maybe even the ability to create a planogram from an order/invoice.... I know it's a very broad topic but we're just getting…

  • Getting started with SData (posting/creating customers)

    So I've got SData installed and working. I can ping AR_Customer to get a list of customers. However, attempting to post to this endpoint with the following body fails:

    Of note, I've slimmed down the payload to only what is known to be the simplest…

  • Freight+ MAXShipper Shipping Software Cost Effective Replacement for ShipGear

    Freight+ is a long time Sage Partner. 

    Freight+ MAXShipper is a shipping solution that imports data from Sage 100 and writes back to Sage 100. We run inside Sage 100 or outside linked to Sage 100. MAXShipper is much more than a link between carriers such…

  • Job ops and sending created ticket to an email

    We are looking for a way to have a service ticket created in job ops send that information to a 'dispatch board we plan to create in Trello.  Currently Trello has the option to set up a unique email address that when something is sent to it it will…

  • OneSource as Tax Calculator

    Anyone using Sage 100 (Premium Cloud based) with OneSource as their tax calculator?

    I need to know your experience please!

  • Sage 100 Upgrade with Beanworks

    Just wondering if anyone has ever had a Sage 100 upgrade with Beanworks. Beanworks was hoping that when we did the upgrade, we would put the new system in the same location as the old system but that never happens. It's always a parallel migration. My…

  • Sage 100 - Ecommerce - Punchout Integration ?

    We have a couple of customers presenting a unique challenge for us. They are requiring that we integrate our ecommerce system with their Punchout (cXML) (Coupa) system. The company that designed our website flat out said they are not willing to attempt…

  • sData Create Sales Order Payload Sales Order Lines with W/T and Job OPS

    Hi Everyone, 

    We are working on an ecomerce intergration using Sdata. A plain order works with the lines, qty and price coming over.

    We are stuck when we try to sent a SO that has Parent Items that need work tickets created and assigning the child parts…

  • Sage 100 Modifications for Floral Distribution Industry

    We have a prospect looking at Sage 100 that is in the Silk Floral distribution industry.  They have very specific needs pertaining to their inventory.   They are similar to Apparel.  They have packaging sizes, colors, types etc.  Does anyone know of a product…

  • AP Automation for Cash Basis

    Looking for a product similar to Beanworks AP Automation that works with a cash basis company. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Has anyone integrated xtrachef to accounts payable in sage 100

    I am trying to create an import or determine how to pull xtrachef data into my accounts payable module.

  • Integrated credit card processing options

    The client is using SAGE 100 Version - 

    is there any other processor than Elsvon or are additional credit card processing options?

    the client uses First Data merchant account and they do not want to change. Thank you. 

  • Integrated budget solution for Sage 100

    Looking for a recommendation for an integrated budget solution for Sage 100

  • Hubspot integration

    Hello. We are curreny signed up with hubspot crm and are running a local version of sage ERP 100. We would like our sales group to be able to use hubspot to be able to have bi directional communication between hubspot and sage and have hubspot be the…

  • Visual Integrator

    I would like to change the lead time for multiple items with the same vendor.  How can I set up Visual Integrator to automatically populate that information?

  • Authorized Vendor List (AVL) software for Sage 100.

    Is anyone aware of an Authorized Vendor List (AVL) type management software bolt on to Sage 100? 

    Would need to be be in alignment withe ISO 9001 & AS 9100. 

  • I'm looking for some recent reviews for Codeless Platforms.

    I'm looking for some recent reviews for Codeless Platforms.  We are looking at their platform to connect Sage 100 to Shopify.  Anyone using them for that integration or others?  Thank you!

  • integrate website with Sage100

    Hello, we are looking to integrate our website with Sage 100. We want to save website orders to Sage 100. What would be the correct approach? We already have visual integrator. But we want to be able to do it automatically. When order comes in, it will…

  • Ecommerce Solution

    Is anyone aware of a good ecommerce solution that will integrate easily with Sage 100?  We've tried using the eBusiness module but it is incredibly outdated.  Why has Sage not updated this?  Anyway, looking for what others have used to get info from…

  • Financial Reporting alternatives - BI 360 by Solver.

    Anyone use BI360 for their Financial Reports in Sage 100?  What do you think?  I've used BizInsight for years and have worked with F9 and Sage Intelligence.  Currently, I believe that BizInsight is the superior product, but with the recent acquisition…

  • Sage 100 and Saleforce

    We've been told that moving to Sage 100 would enable us to integrate Simply Accounting with Saleforce.  Has anyone done this?  Advice very welcome.  Tx Geraldine

  • Ozlink for Sage 100?

    I am evaluating how to simplify the handshake between our front office and our shipping department.  We use UPS Worldship for many of our shipments, and UPS recommended a middleware called OzLink to pass data between Sage 100 and Worldship.  It seems promising…

  • Concur Standard for 100 ERP Sample Upload

    Hi Everyone!

    We are going to be using Concur Standard to handle our company credit card expenses. The Concur rep told me to contact Sage and ask for a sample input file so she can customize our upload file to Sage's specification. I contacted Sage and…

  • Integration with PlanSwift or other visual takeoff application

    Does Sage have any plan to revive the integration with PlanSwift? There was one before the SQL database upgrade.  According to  the JB Knowledge 2017 Technology Report. , PlanSwift is the #4 most used takeoff app (OnScreen Takeoff is still #1, followed by…

  • Hospitality add-on

    Is there a third party package for the hospitality industry?  Customer is a hotel/conference center/ restaurant/bar and needs a package to integrate to a new ERP system.