• Delete Items through VI

    Our SAGE consultant usually deletes items for us when we have a large amount of unused item codes.  I think they do it through VI but I can't figure out which job they are using, they are not to helpful when we ask how did they do that either.  Any…

  • Duplicate Item Numbers


    I was wondering if anyone else ran across this issue and if so, how it was resolved.

    We have identical item numbers that appear when we search for an item in item inquiry and item maintenance. Selecting one of the item numbers results in either…

  • Cleaning up old salespersons

    Hello, I am trying to clean up our Sage database and wanting to delete old salespersons. I understand you are not able to delete salespersons with history. Is there a way around this? I do not want to have our Sales Support Staff having to scroll down…

  • Exporting electronic payments to import into bank website

    I am looking into a way to export electronic payments from Sage in order to be able to import into our banking website to then submit the ACH's to our vendors. Does anything have any experience or guide to doing this in Sage? Thank you!

  • Sage 100 Payroll Link from HRMS not working correctly

    We are having several issues with updates in HRMS transferring to Sage 100 when we run the link.  These include Wages, New Empoyees, Terminations.  I run HRMS as an Admin.  If I unselect all employees and select the employees that have changed from the audit…

  • VI Import tables


    How do you configure multiple tables in a import job. I need to make changes to certain inventory items  reorder point.qty, min and max order qty.   Some data is in the CI_ITEM table but the other is not.

    I dont see how to add a second or  table so…

  • Restore a company from third party backup system


    Can I restore one Sage company from a third party backup system such as Veritas Backup Exec... say I just need company ABC are there folders on Sage server I can just grab to bring it back to life...or do I need restore the whole server. 


  • Can General Alias item numbers be purged from Inventory items using Visual Integrator?

    Over the years we have accumulated General Alias item numbers in our inventory  that we would like to purge without having to do so one-by-one.  Can it be done through VI?

  • VI Error "Order Total"

    We have a vi job to import data into sales orders, imported data is just on the lines.  On this particular SO, #0302719, it does not receive the imported data, reason starts off as "The order total is less t....".  Not sure what that means and…

  • Copy Repeating Order from XYZ Company

    Had a user delete a good bit of repeating orders, we have another live company that we made a backup with, and it contains the orders that were deleted.  Is there an easy way to get them into our "live" company without retyping them?

  • Remove line breaks in VI Export

    Hello all,

    SAGE 100 Could Advanced 2020 (V6.20.1.0)

    I have a VI (Visual  Integrator) export job that pulls fields from CI_Items out of SAGE and into a .CSV file. I use Task Manager to automate this export and then another software reads the .CSV files.…

  • How do I create a backup company before year end processing?

    How do I create a backup company before year end processing?


    Does Sage 100 Vendor Maintenance have the ability to tie into the IRS TIN data base to verify a vendor's SSN or FED ID when setting up the vendor code in A/P?

  • SO_SalesOrderHistoryHeader

    After we post each day the SO_SalesOrderHistoryHeader is not updating the DateLastUpdadted field.  This is causing major problems with our B2B site.

    does anyone know what we may be doing wrong?  We just switched to Sage 2019 2 months ago and it seems like…

  • Company consolidation, with Paya credit cards.

    We have a client with two company codes that are consolidating into a new company code (using DSD's LMCC).  Both source companies have hundreds of credit cards stored in Paya (with SO pre-auths...).

    This is Premium, so we have some flexibility in the…

  • Data extraction for use with Manufacturing

    At the beginning of the year I am hoping to upgrade to Sage Manufactoring, JobOps, to help improve the efficiency of our end to end process as a metal job shop. Looking for options to extract data from thousands of cut files, as shown: material type,…

  • Merged by mistake

    I accidentally merged two AR customers. Is there a way to fix that? If I created a second company code and entered all the information, how would I get the relevant invoices over to the new company code that they belong to? 

    Hope you can help. 


  • Sage 100 2017: Can I run a Virtual Integrator import job using sData?

    I have a VI job that is using odbc to connect to my database.

    is it possible to execute this VI job using sData?

  • New Inventory Catalog

    We are in the process of trying to merge 2 separate product catalogs.  I suggested starting off fresh and either staring with all new inventory items or just starting the "company" over.  Deleting items that have a history creates a problem.  We…

  • Sage 100 Upload

    We just upgraded to Sage 100.  Can anyone clarify if we can upload new employees, via excel spreadsheet, into the system?  If so, how?
    Thanks Lisa

  • Data tables for Production Entry. I would like to pull data which shows me all of the production entries made daily.

    I would like to pull data which shows me all of the production entries made daily.  Where can I find the data tables?  

  • looking for a Jdbc driver for Sage 100

    We have a custom program written in Java that is extracting data from Sage 100.  Java has removed the ODBC support in the current versions.  My programmer asked me to find out if anyone knows of a JDBC driver for Sage 100 (providex). 

    Thank you


  • Importing Sales orders using VI, but not able to import tax amount

    I can pull in the L. Tax Amount criteria, but when I try to import, it gives me an error: "This field cannot be set because the level 3 credit card criteria have not been met.".  When I enter orders manually, I can lick on the "Tax Detail" link…

  • Creating a new company from some of the historical data.

    I have a client that has recently been purchased by a larger entity. The new company would like to change the fiscal year and purge all historical detail from before the acquisition. Their preference is to start a totally new company that only has detail…

  • Sage 100 Contractor

    Is Sage 100 the same as Sage 100 Contractor??