• What table contains the Sale Type column?

    I am trying to run a custom crystal report that pulls customer invoices based on Invoice Date and Sale Type of  "GSA".

    For the life of me I can't seem to find the table that holds this information.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Add a Due Date Column to Customer Statement

    How can I add a column to my customer statement for the due date?  Thank you for your help!

  • GL_DetailPosting - Linking GL account to Job Number


    I am trying to find a path from the GL detail back to the AP/PO data where Job number is recorded.  Wanting a query to do this instead of having to manually track down the PO lines.

    Is the same Sequence Number field that appears in the GL_DetailPosting…

  • Duplicate Company Countries in Country Code Maintenance

    I am seeing duplicate countries in my country list under country code maintenance. For example it will show the country "France" twice with the codes "FR" and "FRA". What is best practice in removing these two digit country codes from the country list…

  • Non-Conforming Product Tracking

    We are looking for a solution to track non-conforming materials in Sage 100.  We will need to have a way for our technicians to record the non-conforming issue for product.  Are there any users that have a process possibly using the return of goods process…

  • Form doesn't print footer


    I added a footer to one of my sales order forms, it will display when I open form in Designer but when I go to print a order footer doesn't print out.  I found a suggestion to open section expert and check the box to print at bottom however…

  • B-2-C Portal

    Has anyone ever done a customization that gives the customer, of the Business, a portal to see where their order is in the production process?  Basically a link that our customer could click and see if the order was in production, picking, shipping?  I…

  • separating expenses by unit number

    HI!  I don't know if I can do this.  We have a lot of unit numbers.  When I expense an invoice, is there anyway to assign that expense to a unit?  We have about 75 units, but all go to the same g/l.  I do not want a new g/l per unit.  Any ideas?

  • adding fields to selection section on reports


    Can you add selection filter fields to the bottom of reporting display .. I need to add invoice type.. 

  • Sales Order Entry Panel: Lines Tab Customization


    Is it possible to lock the "Back Ordered" column, so users can not manually edit, while still letting the system automatically calculate the field?

  • Business Insight Column data sources


    How can I add more Column Data Sources into Business Insight?? see below

  • Picking Sheet Printing Filters

    We are currently exploring the "picking sheet printing" option to process orders, right now we do manually through MS Access, some spreadsheets, and UDF's.  As I am learning about how Sage behaves in it's native state, those business processes…



    Please guide me how i can make the custom crystal report for Inventory Reorder Point. 

    how i can enter Item numbers according to our need and always follow up accordingly to see when i have to reorder. I dont want to see the whole item list report…

  • display separate quantities for each warehouse in item look up

    Hi there!

    I'm a fairly new Sage 100 user and work in a call center that handles sales for multiple warehouses. 

    I get a lot of questions about the availability of products and in different sizes (which we use different item codes for).  I would like…

  • Sales Tax for Batch Invoices Cont.


    So this script finally showed its flaw, on the SO Invoice it would only display the first SO entered on the invoice…

  • when using Visual Integrator to import a PO

    Hi  When I am trying to import a PO through VI can I import a comment line.

    In My SO import I replace the "Line type" and comments import as a 4  items import as a 5.  Is there a similar thing with PO's.

    I can't get it to import the comment…

  • Scripting Class

    Are there any training classes offered by Sage resellers on scripting? 

  • Customer statements will only reference invoices?

    When I go to print customer statements, the reference will only show if it is for the Invoice #. At the very least, I want it to reference invoice #s AND credit #s. If it's possible though, I would also like for it to reference the check # for paid invoices…

  • designer

    How do I add back orders to my packing slip?

  • UDF Check box not showing on print preview

    We have 9 UDF check boxes on our last tab of the sales order entry screen.  When we check one off it will show up on our printed copy of the sales order, for some reason one of them will not show up when checked off by itself.  However, if we check off…

  • E-FAIL error

    When adding a particular SO Header UDF to the report I get this error message.

     "data provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status"

    I have reviewed all the data in the field and there are no unusual characters it's all numbers.


  • Limit the number of instances of a certain program

    Hi everyone, 

    I'm wondering if we can limit a certain program or task to have only one instance.  I'm basically looking to mimic the similar behavior the module Options programs exhibit where if someone is using, say Purchase Order Options, anyone…

  • 1099 Vendor Setup

    Hi.  I am trying to setup a new 1099 vendor, but when I go to the "Additional" tab that area is grayed out and doesn't let me change anything.  What am I doing wrong?  I am using Sage 100 Advanced 2018 (Version 

  • Automatically recalculate prices when copying sales order from repeating order

    Wondering whether anyone has written a custom script for automatically recalculating prices on a new sales order that is copied from a repeating sales order or another sales order.  There is a button on the header for recalculating prices but if you forget…

  • Invoice total and Final balance due on AR invoices don't match

    Hello everyone,

    I'm hoping someone will be able to help.  Our AR invoices have an additional section at the bottom, beneath the Invoice Total, showing payments/credit/discounts applied, with a Final Balance Due. That way, once someone pays the invoice…