• Invalid or Redundant Input/Output on item history recalc

    In Sage 100 Advanced, 2022 changed the item history from based on fiscal year to calendar year and then ran the Item History Recalculation.  It starts and runs and then returns the following error message.

    Error 32, Invalid or redundant Input/output O…

  • Job Cost Module

    My company is in the Swine Industry.

    We are wanting to be calculating close outs in the barns of our various farms.

    What this means is say we fill Barn A at Farm 1 and then we empty it we want to be able to calculate the cost it was per pig.

    Farm 1 has…

  • Looking for a way to or find a modification for creating payroll deduction based on % of Gross less Medical Insurance and cafeteria plan (FSA)

    Looking for a way to or find a modification for creating payroll deduction based on % of Gross less Medical Insurance and cafeteria plan (FSA).  Anyone experienced this request before?

  • Florida sales tax configuration need Avalara?

    Before I go down the Avalara route, wanted to see if anyone has any creative suggestions for handling sales tax unique to Florida. 

    Equipment Sales over 5,000.00  (only equipment sales )

    First 5,000.00 is state and county tax 

    Over 5,000.00 is just state…

  • Updating Item Cost Quote/Sales Order

    Is there an option to automatically update all items on an old quote with the most recent cost (last cost) before converting to a sales order.  Currently our sales team is deleting and re-adding all items that have an updated cost.

  • AR Aging by due date

    Have a client that wants their AR Aging based on due date.

    So invoice due date was 6/26. On 6/27, the client expected to see the invoice amount moved to the 30 day bucket.

    I seem to recall that the invoice will move to the 30 day bucket after the terms…

  • Pricing discount for a specific customer on specific product lines


    I am looking for help on how to create a price structure for the following scenario:

    One customer receives a 20% on multiple product lines.  How do I structure price codes and price levels to make this happen and where do I need to input information…

  • How can I verify where items are committed? Sales Orders/Backorders/Etc.

    My company manufactures products that we categorize by Lot #. As an example, I have an item with Lot # ABCD that we delivered into Sage 4,143 bottles. Of that Lot #, I can confirm that 3,628 have been invoiced and sold, leaving 515 left, which is exactly…

  • I need help creating an amortization schedule in excel with a prorated first month payment

    The situation is a leased piece of equipment with 48 payments of 701.00.   However, the first month payment  is prorated based in delivery date of the equipment. 

    SO the first month payment is 316.58 calculated as: 701.00/31=22.61, and then 22.61 x 14 days…

  • Can I charge tax on items in one state, but not another without applying exemption to entire order?

    We do not have SAGE 100 contractor, nor BOM module, nor Job Costing module.  We have ordinary SAGE 100 that is best for selling boxed goods.  We do work in PA where half of our materials fall under their BME schedule so half of the order is tax exempt for…

  • Credit memos and open invoices in SO module

    I created two credit memos in the SO module and noted that they should apply to two specific invoices. However, the invoices had already been paid. Now the customer wants to take these credits against a different invoice. When I go to cash receipts entry…

  • Freight when you back order an item after invoicing

    When you back order an item during sales order invoicing, then pull the back order up on a sales order it shows the original freight on the sales order.  Is there anyway to avoid that so that is does not charge original freight for back order items

  • Prevailing Wage Rates in Sage 100 Payroll

    Is there anyone who uses Sage 100 payroll that has prevailing wage jobs that can have a brief discussion with me?  We currently use T-Sheets to accumulate time for our Traffic Control Flaggers which is imported into Sage's Timecard module. There is a lot…

  • Keeping track of how much we spend on equipment and trucks.

    I would like to keep track  (cost of fuel, and maintenance fees, etc) of what we spend on each truck, equipment.  
    Can you please teach me how I can do this with Sage 100?
    I wish somehow link with payable invoices and equipment costs then I do not…
  • How do we correctly implement a percentage fee for credit card payment on past due balances?

    We are currently using a line item (Misc. Item Code) to assess a 5% fee charge to those customers wishing to pay their account balance with a credit card. However, to get the 5% dollar amount, this has to be manually calculated and then added to the account…

  • Need reference for Inventory Module/Cost Accounting in Sage 100

    We are considering purchasing this module to use for a new manufacturing division that is schedule to open soon.  I was hoping to get some advice on how the installation went well or poorly for your organization and whether you would recommend the purchase…

  • "Sales Tax Collected" field on the "Accounts Receivable Sales Tax Report."

    I am having a hard time reconciling the "Total Sales Tax" field to the "Sales Tax Collected" field on the "Accounts Receivable Sales Tax Report." Any idea how these calculations differ?  'Total Sales Tax" appears to reflect…

  • Sales Order - Discountable option

    Hi, we are using 2014 Standard version 5.1

    Have a question in regards to Hand Keyed Sales Orders and the Discountable option at the detail line.

    for a certain customer we have a 2% discount setup.  when i go into Customer Maintenance we setup the Discount…

  • Set up for deduction rate: % of gross wages up to bi weekly cap amount

    We have a deduction that is 3% of gross wages up to a capped amount of $36.00 per pay period.  I have entered the 3% in standard amount/rate and $36.00 in the Standard limit  box in Deduction Code Maintenance, but that has not capped the deduction.   Can…