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  • Looking to hire both telephone support and consulting positions for Sage 100/AutomatedService/SvcOnTheGo (remote)

    I am presently looking to hire to fill openings for telephone support and consulting for Ascent Business Systems. If you are an experienced on Sage 100 support, consultant or a power user looking for a new challenge, reach out to me at [email protected]

  • Updating Item Cost Quote/Sales Order

    Is there an option to automatically update all items on an old quote with the most recent cost (last cost) before converting to a sales order.  Currently our sales team is deleting and re-adding all items that have an updated cost.

  • Multiple Ach batch files being written into interface

    Hello All,

    When completing an ACH run, I am seeing 2 ACH batches being written into interface when generating an ACH file.. I am wondering why it is 2 batches instead of 1. I am being charged by the bank on a per batch basis and wondering if 2 batches…

  • Receipt of Goods

    I have a quick question to see if any of you have a fix.  We have a receipt done, that invoiced but put the entire receipt in back order status.  How do we get the purchase orders out of back order status?  We have ran a Purchases Clearing Report and the…

  • PO Clearing


    What is the best way to handle vendor credits when it involves return of goods? 

    We have an issue with PO clearing when items are received, invoices paid, then items are returned.  The credits are not being processed through PO, which is leaving…

  • copy and paste sale order entry field


    From time to time when coping then pasting a S/O # in the S/O entry field a user will receive an error message stating S/O doesn't exist. However it its typed the S/O will display.. 

    Does anyone know why this happens??


  • How to clear OCIP cost

    What is the best way to clear OCIP/CCIP costs?  I have received retention less OCIP charges.  This is the amount showing as an open amount in the Net Due in A/R invoices grid.

  • Unapplied Cash

    Hello again,

    How do we put unapplied cash on a customer's account?


  • Multiple users in cash receipts


    Can two people be in cash receipts at the same time?


  • Sage U seems to be down. Anyone else having trouble?

    I get "504 Gateway Time-out" after the Welcome screen and the Login.

    Tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge - same on all.

  • Sales order issue


    I have been having problems with an order. Item #SLM5025 is the problem child. The system would not allow me to change the line to ship out of 000 from 600. I would get an error message saying that an item code is required, When I open the Sales…

  • Need help with back ordered quantities from sales orders

    We are currently using Sage 100 and I will be the first to admit that we are probably nowhere close to using its full potential, so any input on processes or modules needed will be greatly appreciated. Here's my issue....

    We are a manufacturing facility…

  • Sage Paperless

    Hello, has anyone had any issues where invoices that are dropped in your AP inbox have all of a sudden Disappeared? 

  • AR Aging by due date

    Have a client that wants their AR Aging based on due date.

    So invoice due date was 6/26. On 6/27, the client expected to see the invoice amount moved to the 30 day bucket.

    I seem to recall that the invoice will move to the 30 day bucket after the terms…

  • Pricing discount for a specific customer on specific product lines


    I am looking for help on how to create a price structure for the following scenario:

    One customer receives a 20% on multiple product lines.  How do I structure price codes and price levels to make this happen and where do I need to input information…

  • Sales Tax for Batched Invoices

    We have orders importing from our eCommerce platform through ROI's Insynch.  Most of these orders have individual addresses that the customer types in, so we do not have these address saved in Sage or on their web stores.  In turn we do not have "shiptocodes…

  • How can I verify where items are committed? Sales Orders/Backorders/Etc.

    My company manufactures products that we categorize by Lot #. As an example, I have an item with Lot # ABCD that we delivered into Sage 4,143 bottles. Of that Lot #, I can confirm that 3,628 have been invoiced and sold, leaving 515 left, which is exactly…

  • Customer Refund Check how to

    How do I process a refund check to a customer (AR)? 


  • Check and Electronic Payment

    I am in check and electronic payment maintenance and was reviewing my checkrun.  I noticed one of my vendors wasn't in so I added them and began entering invoices.  When entering the invoice it tells me that the invoice and all others were paid, they…

  • Making a customer inactive

    I want to make a customer inactive. When I try I get this

    When I click details I get

    I know that this job is completed.

    The job is marked as “Complete” under job status

    Clearly I am missing something.

    What do I have to do to the Job or…

  • AR Pre-payment



    A prepayment was applied to  the wromg customer in Sage and has been reconciled since December 2021. I was told to issue a debit memo for the amount that was misapplied. My big question is.... is it possible to apply prepayments to a debit…

  • Can't close period end .. GLSUMMARYDETAILDRILLDOWN error


    Has any one seen this error message... we can't close period end because of it... where would I look for the task to end? All users were out of system when we attempted to close. 

    Thanks in advance 

  • Credit Card Reversal


    How do I reverse a credit card transaction? I've already followed the steps thru the invoice data entry filed but I am told I need to process a void thru Paya Exchange?

    I didn't think we had a Paya account.



  • Accounts Payable check printing

    Accounts Payable printed pre-numbered checks w/o checking the next check number in sequence. Checks are clearing the bank with the pre-numbered check number but posted to the ledger with different check numbers. We have positive pay with our issuing bank…