Duplicated Invoices

hi, I'm working with v 2021 Premium. we've had issues with CI_140MB_UpdateDetailToIM.pvc. SO invoice batch posting was interrupted resulting in multiple HeaderSeq numbers being created once posting was refreshed - invoices were duplicated. Looks like highest header seq number resulted in all items being fully posted - while lower HeaderSeq have item records missing. Would crediting invoices that were partially completed fix this or HeaderSeq 000000 needs to be corrected? 

Thank you in advance for any feedback on how to reconcile this mess!

InvoiceNo HeaderSeq Count of DetailSeqNo Sum of ExtensionAmt
3096425 000000 1333 22418.55
  000001 2153 36043.07
3096433 000000 665 12173.02
  000001 1758 30365.23
  000002 1506 26503.19
  000003 126 2255.23
  000004 1877 32314.57
3096439 000000 632 11092.03
  000001 1451 26140.25
3096440 000000 9 206.14
  000001 1654 24879.38
3096813 000000 377 5206.18
  000001 1683 22791.09
3105796 000000 926 12801.86
  000001 1285 17852.27
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    That is corrupted data and no regular transactions can fix things.  (Errors during posting are ugly).  You might want to get your Sage Partner involved because it's not easy to make the corrections... many tables need raw data edits.

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    Thank you

    is there a known Sage issue/bug that is responsible for data corruption during batch update- we are finding more invoices with the same issue and it happens with not obvious error/disruption to posting

    Our Sage partner was not willing to update datatables and recommended issuing credit. Is there a better way of fixing this?

    Thanks in advance for help. 

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    I can't advise on a fix, because I know each case is different.  Corrupted postings involve inconsistent logic in the different tables.  Invoice history, IM transaction history, IM inventory tables, AR amounts posted to the open invoice tables, GL amounts... there is no "one strategy fits all" advice I can give, beyond looking at every entry in every applicable table, in detail.  Think about what an auditor would want to see, and aim for that.

    For "known issues", search the Sage KB, but nothing systemic comes to mind.  CI_140MB_UpdateDetailToIM.pvc is a ScanCo file / program, so be sure to reach out to them.  Look in the Sage "Activity Log" for errors you could search for.  If you have other enhancements that might play a role in the issue, contact whoever developed them.  There might be a bad value / setting in a random Sage table too.  It could also be as simple as a loose network cable during an update, causing the interruption.  It's impossible to give good advice here too.

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    What has happened is that you have one set of detail records that indicates which header sequence it goes with. The rest of the headers have no detail associated with it.  Your posting to inventory is most likely correct but there are extra records in AR Invoice History Header and AR Open Invoice.   Going to take a lot of research on what happened where in the posting 

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    Kevin is right that corruption is often the result of some failure in your network or computers or power stability that should be investigated to help prevent this issue from happening again.  Enhancements can also play a role if there was something in the underlying invoice transactions that was out of the ordinary or out of sequence.  Hopefully you will find the cause.