Sage 100 - Ecommerce - Punchout Integration ?

We have a couple of customers presenting a unique challenge for us. They are requiring that we integrate our ecommerce system with their Punchout (cXML) (Coupa) system. The company that designed our website flat out said they are not willing to attempt to build a punchout integration. So, due the size of the customers we are talking about, we cannot lose them. I am now trying to find any sage 100 - ecommerce - punchout integration I can find.

There are quite a few ready-built punchout integrations for ecommerce sites like Shopify, Magento, etc... but where I still seem to get stuck, is which platform(s) or tool(s) are available to sync orders from those site into sage 100? Our vendor does not seem to have ready available answers, so hoping someone here has worked through this before?

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