Getting the updates needed for 1099 E-File updates

Help!!  I am working for a company that has Sage 100.  Apparently at point in time an update for the software was taken, which has made it impossible to get any information, or help in getting the updates needed for 1099 E-File updates.  I have chatted with a customer service representative, and I was not able to get any resolution at that time.  Apparently, our serial number 9901702440 is so out of date that I cannot find any information on how or what we need to do to get a current update. I understand that you are not even able to speak with person regarding Sage 100, all communication is via chat. 

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  • Yes, the old license type (perpetual), has been discontinued and is what allowed going "off plan" while still using the software afterwards (but only on that version... no access to updates / upgrades). 

    The new license type (subscription) doesn't allow going "off plan" in that way.  After a short grace period (45 days?) the software becomes read only, so it's impossible to renew for just one month...

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