Un-hemmed Pants Inventory

Trying to figure out the best way to process SO lines with uniform pants on them that we stock.  The issue is we inventory pants unhemmed, that way when a customer orders a 32x32 we hem the pant to the 32 inseam.  So technically we take out of the unhemmed inventory and create a new item code with the 32x32.   We also might have some 32x32 in inventory (from canceled orders) and we get an order for a 32x30, ideally we would want to pull a 32x30 but if there's no inventory I would want to pull the 32x32 and hem it 2" to make a 32x30.

Would this be a situation for a lookup table? Or alias item codes, I knew we would have an issue with this situation when we try to get everything on inventory correctly.  Right now it is a manual process, the order is entered as a 32x32 and when the picker goes to pick the pant, they look on the shelf and pick either the exact size or one with a longer inseam to hem.  Nothing in Sage is accurate on inventory levels right now.

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    Multi-bin might work for this.  Have one item code (and UDF for ordered length), with bin's for the different lengths... and you'd just be looking at which bin's have stock.

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    I would think you would have separate item numbers for unhemmed pants and hemmed pants. You should have bill of materials and have a bill for the hemmed pants that include labor or hemming charges. Then do a production entry to create the hemmed items. 

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    Or you could use Sales Kits if you don't have Bill of Materials, if labor charges aren't a concern.  Either BOM or Sales Kits you would have a choice of pulling the components or the item from stock.

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    That would certainly work for managing the inventory... but I think the question is related to quickly knowing what they have on-hand for the different possible lengths.

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    We did look at BOM but we didn't feel it benefited us to track all the labor expenses on a "job", mainly looked at it for decorating garments but I see where the hemming could fall under that too.  So on the Sales Kit option, the components of the kit item code would be all the different lengths? This is an example of our item codes for a 34 waist pant,  all these lengths are options to sell but we only have inventory in the P-GRY 34 UNH.

    P-GRY7 34 UNH
    P-GRY7 34X26
    P-GRY7 34X30
    P-GRY7 34X32
    P-GRY7 34X34
    P-GRY7 34X36
    P-GRY7 34X38
    P-GRY7 34X40
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    I was thinking you'd have those items but the ones that are not hemmed would be Kit items.  The kit would basically consist of something like (and don't laugh at my simplicity):

    P-GRY7 34x26 Kit - components P-GRY 34 UNH, and THREAD Slight smile

    When you use in Sales Order you'd choose the item P-GRY 34x26, and if none existed in stock the Prompt to explode the kit item would appear, which then you could explode into P-GRY34 UNH and THREAD.  This would then take those components out of inventory.  If the original item existed in stock it would take that out of stock.

    Again, I would defer to the gentlemen above as they are the experts, but just thinking if it's about knowing your inventory I think this would work maybe? (Thinking out loud) 

    (Example of exploded kit, where the components would be taken from inventory when parent is not in stock)


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    Also, this method would allow you to even change the component to a larger size that can be hemmed down, if you have no UNH in stock.

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    Alternate Items might work for that... but I haven't really used the feature so I can't comment on functional details.

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    Will definitely keep this option in mind, thanks.

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    This almost states exactly what we are trying to do, I will check into this and should be easy to associate the alternate items through a VI import I would think.