• WV Withholding Tax Update

    West Virginia's governor recently signed a bill reducing state income tax and the WV State Tax Dept issued new withholding tables.  I didn't see this update on the payroll tax update report for the update installed yesterday (3/21/23) or today (3…

  • Is there a way to install TimeTrack as a demo for a client to play with before deciding to purchase?

    Have a client who thinks TimeTrack may work for them, but would like to play with it first.  I do not see a way to do a 45 day demo for them.  Has anyone done this?

  • Payroll Tax Update

    Is it possible to force the payroll tax update while payrolls are pending...without it affecting/glitching out?  The payroll tax updates are becoming more frequent (previously once a month toward the end of the month).  And now we've already had 2 in the…

  • What is the issue with the v2.22.2 PR Release?

    Just noticed that you pulled the PR release back.  What is the issue??  Is this it?  I jumped on it yesterday, installed it and now encountering this issue?  What is the ETA on the fix?  I have a PR to get out today.

  • Job Cost Module for Sage 100 cloud

    Is the Job Cost module only available for SAGE 100 Standard or is it also available for SAGE 100 Cloud?

  • ICYMI: 2022 Payroll Tax Update Guide Now Available Online

    In case you missed it -- the 2022 Sage 100 Payroll Tax Update Guide is now available online.

  • Payroll Tax Update

    We suddenly lost our bookkeeper last week and we are trying to make sure we have everything in place to finish out the year.  My question is do we install the payroll update when it prompts us to? Or do we wait until after the final payroll is run?  We…

  • Running eFiling on a restricted terminal server and command line to update

    I have a client that just moved to a hosted terminal server environment for Sage 100.  The hosting company has the software restrictions for running software pretty tight.  Does anyone know what exes need to be allowed to run?  Does anyone have experience…

  • Payroll subscription shows expired

    I just updated from Sage 2019 to Sage 2021 and everything seems to have converted correctly except for the payroll subscription.

    The payroll data all transferred but my payroll subscription, which doesn't expire until 2022, did not copy over.  My payroll…

  • Cannot Download Sage 100 Payroll 2.21.2


    I am trying to download Sage 100 Payroll 2.21.2.  However, I am greeted with an error message stating that I am not authorized to view this document.  Currently, I have an active Business Care plan.  Any ideas?

  • "No companies found to migrate. Choose another directory" issue when trying to upgrade from 2020 to 2021

    Attempting to upgrade vanilla 3 user Std install from 2020 to 2021.  Getting below error during migration.

    Copied their entire old Sage/MAS90 folder to the new server and browsed to that and got same error.

    Verified that the 2021 is, indeed, 2021 (says…

  • PR 2.21.0 install - message received during the install related to PR_check2.rpt having been modified

    During the install of 2.21.0 a message was received that the PR_check2.rpt has been modified.   I did not proceed with the install.  I may have modified the base check form - we use MICR checks and bank information has to be added to the standard form for…

  • Active Users when trying to install payroll update

    I have been trying to install the newest payroll update 2.20.3. This is the first time I have ever done a payroll update on this system. I can get through all the steps but then when I get to the end I get a message that says "There are users currently…

  • Do I need to include Time Card Module when purchasing new version sage 100 2020 if they are buying Complete bundle plus Job Cost? They want to use Time Track.

    On the new version of Sage 100 2020 with Payroll, They are purchasing Job cost too.  We will be enabling Time Track.  Do I need to also purchase Time Card?

  • payroll tax update hangs waiting for users 2.20.1 installed

    Trying to install payroll tax update. Message says data entry in progress. 2.20.1 installed was supposed to fix this.

    Anyone else?


  • Upgrade to 2.x

    We are running Sage 100 2017 and will be upgrading to 2018 or 2019. I'm trying to figure out how to do additional state withholding for someone who wants more withholding than is calculated. Does anyone know how to do this?

  • Payroll Employee No lookup auto-complete not working correctly after 2.20.1 update - Bug Report

    After installing the 2.20.1 update, the employee no auto-complete is including the employee name as part of the employee number.  If the user selects, the message that the employee number is greater than 7 digits appears.  The only way to get it to accept…

  • After installing Payroll 2.20.1, have a client with over 150 companies getting an error. Client is running Sage 100 2018.

    The error is "A payroll tax update is available, but it cannot proceed because a payroll run is in progress in Payroll Data Entry."

    I've checked every company, and the Clear button in Payroll Data Entry is disabled in all companies.


  • Family First Payroll - Unable to upgrade at this time

    We have several clients that their systems have modifications and will not be able to upgrade until the mods are written for the current version.  Our thoughts are to install the newer version of Sage so they can use it to process their payroll and journal…

  • Can Payroll 2.x Tax Updates be run after January 1, 2020 before generating 2019 W-2s?

    We just upgraded our Sage 100 2017 to Sage 100 2019 with Payroll 2.20. I'm used to the old TTU method where we were told not to install the next year Q1 TTU before processing the previous year's W-2s. However, based on a comment from KathleenF on …

  • Payroll 2.20

    I just upgraded from Sage 2017 to 2019 along with payroll 2.20.  Once converted, I was doing a trial payroll and noticed that my state tax is doubled.  Anyone know the reason for this?  Also, my check history report is saying no data even when I change the…

  • Post Payroll 2.20 Update - Status Check Errors On Tax Profile

    Sage 100 - Payroll - From Ver. 2.19 to 2.20

    I have followed the instructions:

    1. Ran all updates for 2.19

    2. Downloaded and installed Ver 2.20

    3. Ran Program Hot Fixes
    Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.0 Program Fix PR6016T
    Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.0 Program Fix PR 6…

  • Does Sage have a document that walks through a Payroll upgrade for clients that have Sage 100 2017 that need to upgrade to current Payroll?

    We have several clients that are running Sage 100 2017 when Payroll was still part of the normal install process.  It is my understanding that these people have to upgrade to the new 2.19 (soon to be be 2.20) Payroll which is a separate install.  To this…

  • Employee emails did not transfer during upgrade from 2017 to 2019

    Customer has around 175 employees with emails in each.  When upgraded to 2019 the emails did not transfer and paperless was turned off in each employee.  What did we miss?

  • What is required for upgrading clients that use the Sage Direct Deposit Service from legacy payroll to version 2019 with Payroll 2.19?

    Has anyone gone through an upgrade that utilizes the service?  What is involved?