• Sage 100 Direct Deposit Service

    I am having a hard time getting a clear grasp on what exactly Sage 100 Direct Deposit Service is.  I have a Sage 100 client that is an accounting firm and they process payroll for around 100 companies.  Right now they need to generate an ACH file for each…

  • Payroll Direct Deposit Fee Change

    I am trying to find out if anyone uses SAGE 100 Payroll Direct Deposit (Isolved) for payroll?  

    If so did you encounter a change in fees your client's are paying?  

    We ran a payroll today and noticed an increase.

    Thank you so much for any information…

  • Changes not captured in Employee Masterfile Audit Report

    Hello, folks:

    In our payroll module, the Employee Masterfile Audit Report doesn't capture changes to employee deductions, direct deposit bank accounts, or paystub emails or passwords. For years, our workaround has been to save screenshots of the change…

  • Direct Deposit issue re modifying deductions or taxes

    I have had 2 client issues in the past 2 days and I think they are related.

    First client did not have a MA FMLA percentage setup on the first 2 checks of the year.  We have calculated the amount needed to be added, and they started a payroll run, calculated…

  • What is required for upgrading clients that use the Sage Direct Deposit Service from legacy payroll to version 2019 with Payroll 2.19?

    Has anyone gone through an upgrade that utilizes the service?  What is involved?

  • ACH file creation issue if 2 bank codes used in same check run in Payroll 2018

    Client was entering some manual checks in Payroll check run for bank code "C" and then creating some direct deposits using bank code "P".  The ACH file is being created for bank code "C" instead of "P".

    Anyone else…

  • Direct Deposit file slow creation in 2018

    Two clients have reported that creating the Direct Deposit file (for MANUAL sending to the bank) has slowed considerably in 2018.  Both clients are on 2018 Standard - one on update 3 and one on update 4.  Both are on standard networks, not Citrix, etc.