• Job Cost Conversion to business frameworks - previously closed out costs repost

    I had a fun week with upgrading my last non business framework job cost from 2017 to 2022.  Any open job at conversion that had been previously closed set all the billed flags to N in the JC3/Jc_jobtransationdetail.

    This caused them to repost already posted…

  • Pay Rate Change file not converted correctly from pre-2018 to PR 2.20

    Am testing a client who relies heavily on this file .  Have already found an issue re renumbering - doesn't appear the history follows the renumbered employee.  Now have also found that the conversion did not bring over the Date Changed field (this…

  • Importing of 2017 (5.40) at least Employee master, deductions, tax status. Anyone have any templates, experience, etc.

    Want to import payroll master data for set up from a newly acquired non-Sage company into existing Sage company.  At a minimum would need employee master, tax status, employee deductions, etc., Will build an import file from new data for use in VI.  Anyone…

  • tax groups and conversion

    When doing the 2018 conversion, does each employee have to be manually converted to the new tax group structure or is this done through the conversion wizard?

  • SAGE100 2018 Advanced - Payroll Custom Reports conversion issue

    We are in the process of converting payroll data to Sage100 2018 Advanced.  I am remapping the Payroll Custom Reports and can't get the file: PR_Employee data to link into the 2018 custom report. Can't browse the data in this file for Names or Social…

  • 2018 conversion - Earnings tab in Employee Maintenance - skipping qtr 1

    I am having the same issue.  The benefits are also all in the 2nd qtr.  

  • Job Cost Paperless files

    Client has upgrade from 2015 to 2018.  We can no longer see the JC Daily Job Transaction Registers in the Paperless Journal and Register Viewer.  If you look in the PL_JournalPDFLog.M4T file, the records are in there.  The PDFS still exist.  We just do not…

  • vi job to import records into JC.Jobs

    Converting to Sage 100 and need to import jobs, estimates, and JTD costs.

    Does anyone have VI jobs to do any of these?