• NACHA file for payroll, Can anyone suggest a bank in Southern California?

    I currently have my payroll set up with direct deposit.  With my current NACHA I only have to change one set of numbers.  I tried to set up with CHASE bank and I have too many manual entries and changes I need to make for them to accept the file.  Can anyone…

  • How to update time off settings in Payroll options?

    The sick time law just recently changed in the state of New Mexico.  It now states that you can not cap the accrual of sick time but you can limit the number of hours that an employee can use per year.  Currently we have our time off settings in Payroll…

  • Missing Log File


    I'm trying to install Payroll on my existing 2020 100c Standard install for a project for a client.

    I get an error 12 on PR_EmployeePDFEDeliveryLog file / table. I can't create it as it doesn't exist as a file in the reinit utility. Is this new to…

  • Different POs linked to Job cost

    Which module can I use to see all the different Purchase Orders linked to one specific Job number?

  • Paperless Payroll Direct Deposit Stub Bulk Email not working properly with Office 365

    Our company needs to send 250 check stubs and direct deposit stubs to our employees, we do that process 1 day per week and send all un Bulk, we use Sage 100 Advanced 2018 (Version

    Each week at least 20 emails have not been sent, we checked…

  • Can't assign a dollar amount to Unassigned Vendor in Cost Code setup

    When we are setting up estimated cost in Cost Code Detail in Job Maintenance, we are almost never sure which vendor we are going to use and have always been able to assign a dollar value to "Original Estimate" for an Unassigned Vendor. If we tabbed past…

  • New to Sage Payroll and need some help

    Our Company will be launching Sage 100 for our company beginning of next year. Our payroll department is having some trouble with the software and was hoping to talk with a company in the San Diego, CA area that is using Sage for payroll. The other companies…

  • Sage Payroll Subscription Cancellation

    I have two clients that have outsourced their payroll to a service and would like to cancel the payroll subscription.  I know in Sage versions prior to 2018 that they would only be able to access the Reports menu in Payroll if the subscription is expired…

  • Cleaning Up Old Earning Codes

    Hello and good afternoon.  I am new to Sage 100 and we are looking to clean up a number of old and unused earning code.  Is there a way to make these codes inactive?  I did not see an option in Earning Code Maintenance.  All of the documentation I have found…

  • Payroll --> Employee Maintenance --> Pay Defaults --> Auto Earnings

    I have a question about the 'Earnings Codes'/'Pay Rate Amt' fields in the grid in the above screen.  It appears that when 'Multiple Automatic Earnings Codes' is checked off for a given employee (which gives you access to the above screen…

  • Employee Paperless office password

    We typically set the social security number as the password without a problem and have been able to correct any issues with their passwords in the past.

    I currently have one employee that has the right social entered, but still cannot open her pdf to…

  • Taxable earnings code for clergy wages Payroll 2.20

    In setting up earnings code for clergy, what tax rule do you use? Their earnings are not taxable for FICA (Social Security and Medicare), but are for FIT and State withholding.

  • 2020 Payroll Prenote

    Hi all:

    I have a client that I just upgraded and her direct deposit file was accepted by the bank. The Pre-note for a new employee however was rejected. The bank said it was because of a word wrap setting. I have looked all over for a setting for wrapping…

  • Number of years to retain Payroll history

    The knowledgebase article linked below references a setting, "Years to Retain eFiling Check History."

    The only payroll history option that I see is, "Years to Retain Payroll History," on the Payroll Options History tab.

    Where is the…

  • Rounding state withholding tax

    Iowa rounds the state withholding tax.  Does anyone know how I get payroll to round the State withholding?  Using payroll 2.20.2.

  • Employee Moved to a new Department

    We recently promoted one of our field employees to the office. We have Office and Field set up as separate departments within Payroll. I was planning to just create a new Employee No. for her in the office department but I'm thinking the system will start…

  • Standard Costing on Outside Process in Work Order Module


       So we have been using Sage 100 for a while, but we are now getting into tracking Labor and Outside Process on our Work Orders. When we create a Work Order we can see the Standard Cost under Labor and the Standard Cost under Material. We can get 

  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

    Sage 100 2019 and Sage 100 Payroll 2.2.

    Is there anything special we need to do in payroll in response to this act?  I've recommended to my clients that they create a new earnings code for wages paid under this act; however, I did not see a tax rule that…

  • Reimbursement Figuring into Gross Pay


    We have two earnings codes set up for expense reimbursement. They are both non taxable expenses. I used Tax rule -800017 Expense Reimbursement. Everything seems to add up correctly on the pay stub except the reimbursements are included in their…

  • Hours Summary

    Recently upgraded from the legacy framework time clock module to the business framework module time track.

    Previously on the punch in/out screen there was a smaller window which summarized that particular employees hours for the week.  That functionality…

  • Sales Tax on partial Contract amount

    Client using Job Cost has tax on only part of the contract amount.  Is there ANYWAY to make this easy?

  • Payroll Department Setup

    I have been asked if the Payroll Department Number can be more than 2 digits.  I'm assuming not, but wanted to ask.

  • Section 125 Deduction Codes in Payroll 2.19

    We're trying to figure out what the the Tax Rules for the Section 125 deduction codes mean.

    -805154 - Section 125 Code DD EE Deduction

    -805158 - Section 125 EE Deduction

    I'm thinking that the difference is employers with over 250 employees use -805154…

  • Frequency of deduction

    In deduction code setup, there is the option to select in which pay periods you want the deduction to apply.  We have several deductions that we want to withhold in just the first 4 weekly pays of each month, but that option no longer works.  Even if the…

  • Yearly Vacation Accrual based on Anniversary Date (2.19.2)

    Reading the documentation and just don't get it - how would you setup a Time Off code for a client who gives vacation accruals at the start of each anniversary year?  I have the Anniversary check box checked in Setup, but can't check the Periodic Accrual…