• Part of Direct Deposit Returned


    We have an employee who disperses their direct deposit into several accounts.  On this last payroll, one of their banks sent back their part of the direct deposit.  Can I reverse a direct deposit partially, recouping the funds in Sage from this bank…

  • Copy tab 6 from customer maintenance to Job Maintenance panel in its own tab

    Is it possible to move tab 6 (invoices) in customer maintenance over to its own tab in Job Maintenance? Where to start with accomplishing this? Users are just tired of needing to open 5 or 6 modules every morning and keep them up all day, so we're looking…

  • Nacha Supplementing Data Security Requirements

    Is Sage Payroll (2.22 and 2.23) compliant with Nacha Supplementing Data Security Requirements.  Specifically, are employee account numbers encrypted to protect deposit account information by rendering it unreadable when it is stored electronically?

  • Payroll Direct Deposit Fee Change

    I am trying to find out if anyone uses SAGE 100 Payroll Direct Deposit (Isolved) for payroll?  

    If so did you encounter a change in fees your client's are paying?  

    We ran a payroll today and noticed an increase.

    Thank you so much for any information…

  • Payroll Tax Update

    Is it possible to force the payroll tax update while payrolls are pending...without it affecting/glitching out?  The payroll tax updates are becoming more frequent (previously once a month toward the end of the month).  And now we've already had 2 in the…

  • Rehired Employee Missing Check History

    We have an employee who has worked for us several times over the years. When we onboard a rehired employee, we use the same employee number. She has requested some older payroll data (2009-2013). I ran a Check History Report with a check date range from…

  • outstanding receivables

    good morning:

    what report can i run for all outstanding receivables as of 12/31/2021 that have been collected in 2022 -to-date?

  • Job Cost Retention Invoicing while using BT/ST

    We would like to use Job Cost Retention in Sage 100 Premium 2021, but currently Sage does not support the Bill-To/Sold-To (BT/ST) feature within Job Cost (which we need because all our jobs requiring Retention bill to a GC or third party). Adding Job…

  • Anyone using Time Track for Job Costing, but exporting the time track entries for outside payroll service to process payroll

    Anyone using Time Track for Job Costing, but exporting the time track entries for outside payroll service to process payroll? 

  • "This option cannot be changed while A/R Invoice Entry is in process"

    I received this error in Accounts Receivable module and I cannot seem to find any knowledgebase article that directs me on how to remedy this. Anyone else had this issue? In this instance, all batches are closed and none are outstanding in the Invoice…

  • Paperless Payroll Direct Deposit Stub Bulk Email not working properly with Office 365

    Our company needs to send 250 check stubs and direct deposit stubs to our employees, we do that process 1 day per week and send all un Bulk, we use Sage 100 Advanced 2018 (Version

    Each week at least 20 emails have not been sent, we checked…

  • Missing in Action (MIA) - Time Track Utility "Global Posting Flag Change"

    This utility is available in SAGE 100 v2017 Time Card module.  I cannot find it in the SAGE 100 v2019, PR2.2.1 version that uses Time Track. Has anyone found where it is located?

    My client needs this utility in SAGE 100 v2019, PR 2.21.

  • WA State PFML

    This tax is paid on WA hours worked by WA employees. I cannot get it to calculate that way. It calculates on all hours worked. Even the hours worked in Oregon, which do not have to be included. How do I set this up? After many hours with support, the…

  • How to purge Time track transactions that have not been transferred to payroll?

    Currently I am moving my client to Sage 100 2019 Payroll 2.21 and will be integrating their payroll with another software through time track. I am currently using a test company for all of this. I need to clear all transactions in Time track. Some date…

  • Social Security Withholdings for FFCRA Earnings Not Showing on W-2


    I’m trying to do the w2’s and I’m seeing that we list the amounts of emergency sick leave payments in box 14 and a separate page explaining what the codes mean but my question is about the social security and medicare WITHHELD…

  • Processing payroll in future year

    I have a client that will need to process payroll in 2021 before they close 2020.  I've tested this in PR and it allows me to post the payroll but the Aatrix W2 for 2021 says there is no data. The 2020 W2 is correct as are the reports that I verified…

  • Job Cost Detail History tied to General Ledger Detail

    I have a client who is migrating from Sage 100 4.5 to Sage Intacct.  I'm trying to take Job Cost lines posted to the GL and break out (tag) the summary lines by job number and cost code (dimensions).  But when I look at the JC tables such as JC Transaction…

  • Changes not captured in Employee Masterfile Audit Report

    Hello, folks:

    In our payroll module, the Employee Masterfile Audit Report doesn't capture changes to employee deductions, direct deposit bank accounts, or paystub emails or passwords. For years, our workaround has been to save screenshots of the change…

  • Payroll 2.20.2 Payroll Tax Calculation error

    Upgraded a client from Payroll 2.20.1 to Payroll 2.20.2.  Receiving an Error 65  Program PR_SPATAXCALC.PVC when running Payroll Tax Calculation.  The Knowledgebase points to PR_PayrollTaxCalc_Ui.pvc.  However all conditions that cause a problem with this file…

  • Accruing Payroll journal entry question - not using Sage payroll

    I am getting confused over how to accrual payroll.  I'd appreciate it if someone can confirm what I"m doing is correct.

    To clarify:

    PR ending 6/27 = $100  (actually paid on 7/3)
    Stub Accrual 2 days 6/29 and 6/30 =  $40 (paid on 7/8)

    I am accruing…

  • Payroll 2.20 Reset Time Off

    Is there a way in Payroll 2.20  to reset time off hours based on Fiscal Year (in this case 7/1-6/30)?  The only choices in payroll options is Calendar Year or Anniversary Date.

  • Sage 100 payroll 2.20 incorrectly calculates social security withholding

    Payroll program update yesterday and now 2 employees' social security withholding are incorrect?  Salary employees...no changes from previous months payrolls...not even near the salary limitation.

  • FICA Error

    We are running Sage 100 2017. We have two companies with payroll in each.  There is a 401K plan in each company and the deduction codes for each company are set up identically.  On one company, the 401K deductions are not being reduced for the FICA calculation…

  • Job Cost billing history

    I'm creating a Crystal report and wanting only Job Billing History for a specific year. Currently using the selection

    {JC_Job.LastBillDate} in Date (2020, 01, 01) to Date (2020, 12, 31),

    but it is still including 2019 and earlier invoices?

  • PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Data

    Sage 100 - P/R 2.20

    After reviewing the Loan Forgiveness Application and Instructions, I am finding I need data which should be in P/R but am unable to locate.

    It appears all of the Reports are for quarter summaries and I need to access data from individual…