• WV Withholding Tax Update

    West Virginia's governor recently signed a bill reducing state income tax and the WV State Tax Dept issued new withholding tables.  I didn't see this update on the payroll tax update report for the update installed yesterday (3/21/23) or today (3…

  • Payroll Tax Update

    Is it possible to force the payroll tax update while payrolls are pending...without it affecting/glitching out?  The payroll tax updates are becoming more frequent (previously once a month toward the end of the month).  And now we've already had 2 in the…

  • What is the issue with the v2.22.2 PR Release?

    Just noticed that you pulled the PR release back.  What is the issue??  Is this it?  I jumped on it yesterday, installed it and now encountering this issue?  What is the ETA on the fix?  I have a PR to get out today.

  • Payroll Tax Update

    We suddenly lost our bookkeeper last week and we are trying to make sure we have everything in place to finish out the year.  My question is do we install the payroll update when it prompts us to? Or do we wait until after the final payroll is run?  We…

  • PR 2.21.0 install - message received during the install related to PR_check2.rpt having been modified

    During the install of 2.21.0 a message was received that the PR_check2.rpt has been modified.   I did not proceed with the install.  I may have modified the base check form - we use MICR checks and bank information has to be added to the standard form for…

  • Active Users when trying to install payroll update

    I have been trying to install the newest payroll update 2.20.3. This is the first time I have ever done a payroll update on this system. I can get through all the steps but then when I get to the end I get a message that says "There are users currently…

  • Payroll Employee No lookup auto-complete not working correctly after 2.20.1 update - Bug Report

    After installing the 2.20.1 update, the employee no auto-complete is including the employee name as part of the employee number.  If the user selects, the message that the employee number is greater than 7 digits appears.  The only way to get it to accept…

  • After installing Payroll 2.20.1, have a client with over 150 companies getting an error. Client is running Sage 100 2018.

    The error is "A payroll tax update is available, but it cannot proceed because a payroll run is in progress in Payroll Data Entry."

    I've checked every company, and the Clear button in Payroll Data Entry is disabled in all companies.


  • Can Payroll 2.x Tax Updates be run after January 1, 2020 before generating 2019 W-2s?

    We just upgraded our Sage 100 2017 to Sage 100 2019 with Payroll 2.20. I'm used to the old TTU method where we were told not to install the next year Q1 TTU before processing the previous year's W-2s. However, based on a comment from KathleenF on …

  • Post Payroll 2.20 Update - Status Check Errors On Tax Profile

    Sage 100 - Payroll - From Ver. 2.19 to 2.20

    I have followed the instructions:

    1. Ran all updates for 2.19

    2. Downloaded and installed Ver 2.20

    3. Ran Program Hot Fixes
    Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.0 Program Fix PR6016T
    Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.0 Program Fix PR 6…

  • Installing PR 2.18.5 in Sage 100-2018

    I am new to Sage 100-2018 and we have to install this payroll update. Does this update have to be run at the server or can I do this at my workstation?

  • New Missouri Tax Table

    We have had several users report to us that the state of Missouri has notified them that they have made a change in their payroll tax table recently.  I have checked Sage's site, but see no reference to this or updated tax table.  Has anyone else seen…

  • Local tax not updated

    I thought having Sage handle all tax rate updates would be great, but I'm not enjoying the lack of control. In the past when we received notices of tax rate increases, I entered them myself so I knew they were done correctly.  I installed the new update…

  • TimeCard in Sage 100 2018.2 requirements

    In the announcement, there is a reference to Payroll being required.

    • "A redesign of TimeCard features including a Time Track menu added to the Job Cost module (Payroll 2.18.1 is required)"

    We have a customer using an ancient custom designed…

  • Error on payroll 2018 tax updates

    Have a client on payroll 2018.  He attempted to do a tax update when prompted, and got an error (which he forgot to write down).  He can't restart the update - says it's in progress.  He WAS able to run payroll successfully, though (whew).

    What file…

  • Time for installing year end updates for payroll is fast approaching

    Last year we had to have minimum levels of product updates (PU's) installed before installing product updates.

    Is there anything out there yet that confirms what pu levels must be installed before installing the year end payroll updates?

    Would love…

  • Payroll Subscription - The Dumb Question

    IDK if I have a PR Subscription or not.  If it is something in addition to the PR Module, probably not.

    I run my own Payroll but I use some of the tax reporting features in the module.

    I saw some information about getting a bogus subscription expiration…

  • Note regarding new activation keys requirement with latest product updates

    With 2016,  2015 PU 3 ... (essentially the latest updates just released) be aware of the following.

    There are new activation keys that must be entered or your payroll will not function.

    One additional tip that I just learned.   If you put in the activation…

  • ACA update PU8 for 4.5?

    Does anyone know when the updates for ACA reporting will be made available for version 4.5?  I think it will be PU8.   

    Any information would be helpful. 


  • 2014 Q4 tax tables

    Does anyone know when the 2014 Q4 tax tables for Sage 100 v4.5 will be available?