• Direct Deposit Recreation

    I ran my payroll and missed selecting to PDF & Electronically Deliver my DD Stubs.

    I have already posted the batch.  I did create a PDF Batch of the DD Stubs and they are created in the Employee files.

    Is there anyway to recreate them individually…

  • Aatrix errors related to Unemployment

    Receiving errors when filing the Kansas Unemployment that says the tax rate is too low (verified the tax rate is correct) and for OK the taxable unemployment wages cannot be greater than the upper limit.

    First time I have received either message and i…

  • Reprint W2's

    How do I reprint a single W2? Does the system automatically include a watermark/message that the reprint is a reprint?

  • Bad auditfile

    I took my first call on this error - 

    Bad auditfile. Contact support when printing forms in Federal and state tax reporting.

    It does appear to resolve itself when the Aatrix updated is downloaded. In my customer's case they exited Sage and went back in…

  • resend direct deposit pay stubs

    Email to employees disrupted by internet problems, now I need to resend the pay stubs. How can I do this?



  • Rehired Employee Missing Check History

    We have an employee who has worked for us several times over the years. When we onboard a rehired employee, we use the same employee number. She has requested some older payroll data (2009-2013). I ran a Check History Report with a check date range from…

  • Job cost revised estimate in a crystal report

    Created a report comparing Revised Estimated Cost to Actual Cost.  The "sum" of the Revised Estimated Cost is giving me problems.  When I try to "Sum" that field, it totals by the number of times the cost code is used...therefore the "sum" becomes…

  • Report: can you please direct me where i can obtain information

    I am looking to create a report to show all outstanding receivables as of 12/31/2021 and that have been collected in 2022 to date.

  • outstanding receivables

    good morning:

    what report can i run for all outstanding receivables as of 12/31/2021 that have been collected in 2022 -to-date?

  • Printing Aatrix W2s to PDF

    I have a client who is processing almost 2,000 W2s this year.  I've been able to work my way to the printing functionality.  However, I can't seem to get the W2s to print to PDF - I get no prompt for the destination of the PDF file.  I have checked…

  • Accounts Payable: Vendor Maintenance- 1099 Default Box No. is blank and missing numbered dropdown!

    In Accounts Payable Module, in Vendor Maintenance under the Addtional tab, under 1099 Form, the Default Box No. Selection dropdown is blank. It will not let me select which box on the 1099 i want the 2021 total to appear. Please assist!

  • Direct Deposit – Do not want paper copies but still want them to save to a PDF.

    How do I stop the paper check stubs from printing?  I am getting a paper copy for each direct deposit employee and also a PDF file.  I just want the PDF file. 

  • Direct Deposit Emails


    We email our employees their Direct Deposit (DD) stubs.  Lately some of our employees are not receiving their email with their DD stub.  Every week is a different group of employees who did not receive their stub.  What may be the cause?  Can it be a…

  • Payroll form TN LB-0456 issue with number of employees

    Client is showing incorrect number of employees for 3rd month in quarter.  They have semi-monthly and biweekly employees - the form is only showing the semi-monthly.  They had a payroll run for biweekly that covered 9/12/21 to 9/25/21 and was paid Oct 1…

  • How print quarter-to-date, year-to-date payroll check history report for a specific ending date?

    How can we print a quarter-to-date, year-to-date payroll check history report for a specific ending date? Forgot to print these reports right after the last pay date of the month. Since then we processed the 1st payroll of the next month and now cannot…

  • Q2 2021 941 Form issues

    Good Day,

    I was trying to file the Q2 2021 941 Form and it is stopping me due to red boxes on line 19 & 20.  Both boxes are asking for a dollar amount of qualified health plan expenses before April 1, 2021 for Covid.  But we do not track this.  So I…

  • 941 update to include COBRA info - Any word on Sage\Aatrix release date?

    Have you heard anything yet from Aatrix about adding the info on the 941 to file  for the cobra subsidy tax credit.

    I have had to pay premiums for a couple of people until Sept.30 and have reduced my efpts by that amount.

    There should be spot on the 941…

  • Printing Work Tickets with Attachments

    We have Sage100c with Manufacturing version 2017.  Currently when we print a work ticket that has attachments that need to be printed, we have to open each attachment and print it one by one.  Is there a way to print the attachments right along with the…

  • Filing a 1099

    i need to file a 1099 for a vendor that was missed, i continue to get stuck at the 1099 printing and filing options. It doesn't let me select the Complete 1099 efiling service.

  • Time Track Report Combining Current and History

    We have a client that needs to run a Time Track Report by job number that includes time track entries for a month were some have not been updated along with some that have been moved to the history file. Has anyone come up with a way to combine the two…

  • W2 - City Tax

    We have a situation that the employee pay a 1% City Tax, the Employer pay a .5% City tax.  When printing W2's the system is pulling the Employer .5% instead of the Employee 1%.  Do we have something set up incorrectly or is there a problem with Aatrix…

  • PII fields in formula Payroll

    Trying to do a simple formula combining the PR Employee last name with the suffix. Both fields are PII fields. When I run the report data formula only works if employee has a suffix so I had to place the last name field in the report and then cover it…

  • Payroll check history data missing after 2015 to 2019 upgrade

    Any work-arounds for getting the payroll history for prior years?  The client has year-end backup companies, but the "Retain Perpetual History" option was not checked; therefore the payroll check history report does not show any data in the 2019 version…

  • Social Security Withholdings for FFCRA Earnings Not Showing on W-2


    I’m trying to do the w2’s and I’m seeing that we list the amounts of emergency sick leave payments in box 14 and a separate page explaining what the codes mean but my question is about the social security and medicare WITHHELD…

  • Payroll email location in files

    So.  I have a client who wants just a simple Crystal report to print the employee and the email address used for their DD stubs.

    I find an email field in PR_Employee, PR_EmployeePIIWrk, and PR_EmployeeDocuments.

    I have setup a report that just dumps all…