• Sage 100 Direct Deposit Service

    I am having a hard time getting a clear grasp on what exactly Sage 100 Direct Deposit Service is.  I have a Sage 100 client that is an accounting firm and they process payroll for around 100 companies.  Right now they need to generate an ACH file for each…

  • Anyone using Time Track for Job Costing, but exporting the time track entries for outside payroll service to process payroll

    Anyone using Time Track for Job Costing, but exporting the time track entries for outside payroll service to process payroll? 

  • Time Track not selecting for Job Cost

    Client on 2019 and only wants to integrate between TT and JC.  I have integration to PR turned off for TT.  TT has 906 records, all of which have an N for the JC and PR updated flags.  Yet when I run the Selection in JC, nothing is selected, with ALL criteria…

  • Which Time Tracking works best with Sage 100?

    Hello, we are looking for a time tracking system that offers both geo-tracking and geo-fencing and integrates well with Sage 100. Would anyone have any suggestions on which systems to look at?

    Thank you!

  • Timeclock Plus

    We are talking with a potential client that uses Timeclock Plus. With their current payroll module, they are manually enter the time transactions from reports printed from Timeclock Plus. I called their rep and she told me that it would be an 8 to 16…

  • Tropical Storm & Hurricane season

    First of all....I hope everyone is doing well.....safe, healthy and dry....

    I was just wondering, since a lot of customer have lost power over the last  couple of days in the northeast, how is everyone handling the Payroll Tax Calculation when no internet…

  • Integrating with Sales Order

    So there seems to be no way to actually integrate Sales Order using inventory with Job Cost and end up with all costs on the job.

    You can either integrate inventory (so you see what is required for Sales Orders) OR you can post costs to Job Cost, but…

  • Remote Punch In/Out integrated with Sage 100 & DSD Union Enhancement

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience working with a mobile application that allowed for their employees to punch in/out remotely. We looked at Kronos Workforce Ready. The salesman seems to think that this will integrate well with Sage 100 but…

  • Has Sage stopped issuing PU support for 2018.x Job Cost?

    Despite 2018 being on the list of the supported versions, I am having a hard time finding where a fix was issued on version 2018 for this bug: 

    Error: "Record: J/Cxxx is missing from SY0CTL.SOA" or "Error 11 SWVDTE 0520" or "The J/C Accounting Date (MM…

  • Timecard Module Sage 100 2019

    We recently upgraded from Sage 2016 to Sage 2019. We do not see the timecard module that used to be in 2016. Can we download the version? Do we have to use Timecard Tracking now?

  • Company Identification field in rec type 5 of NACHA PR file missing

    Client is on 2019 PR 2.20.  Trying to get something to populate the Company Identification field (position 41-50) on the "5" rec type lines and I have filled in every field in Direct Deposit Maintenance, the Fed Id is filled in on Company Maintenance,…

  • Alerts and Workflow with Payroll 2.x

    Currently utilize Alerts & Workflow to notify us when somebodies birthday and/or work anniversary date is forth coming, however with the new constraints on PII within PR 2.x, it has essentially rendered these alerts worthless.

    Can't really seem to…

  • Timekeeping software -Sage 100C standard 2018 for use with Job Cost and Time Track.

    We would like to begin using a timekeeping software.  We use Sage 100C standard 2018 vs  We are a small security company and use the Job Cost module and have recently begun using Time Track.  We have field technicians and we would like to have…

  • Incorrect COGS account in SO when integrated with Job

    Just upgraded a client to 2018.5 a couple of weeks ago.  New Misc Items being added to Sales Orders which are linked to a job are using the COGS account setup for the Misc Item instead of the COGS account used for the Job Type.  They do not enter a cost…

  • Sage 100 Remote Time Entry App

    Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for an app that allows users to punch in/out of Jobs for a Sage 100/Job Cost client.


  • Employee Self-Service

    Is anyone aware of Sage products or third-party add-ons providing Employee Self-Service in Sage 100?

    Need ability to have portal for employees spread out across multiple states.  Already on Direct Deposit, want to be able to put check stubs in Self-Service…

  • Time Track - General information.

    I have watched the training session for Time Track but still can't tell if it will do exactly what we need it to do.  We are currently using Lotus Symphony to track time cards by job #.  The time cards are entered by hand and we can then pull our costs…

  • Issue importing time using VI into Timecard

    Currently using Sage 100 Advanced 2017 Ver  When I run the Visual Integrator it will show that the records came across with no errors.  If I look at one of the records in the log it will show the correct Punch In time and Punch Out time there. 

  • Mobile app for Time Track

    I am looking for a mobile app to use with Sage 100 2018 Payroll / Time Track.

    User needs to be able to punch in/out and specify a Job Cost job to post time to.

  • Payroll outsourcing

    We are a manufacturing company with approximately 250 employees.  We currently handle payroll in-house.  We are interested in exploring options that would make our life easier...  We use Wasp (3rd party application) as our time server.  Does anyone have any…

  • Paycards for Sage 100


    I know Sage uses Paycards by FlexWage for Sage HRMS, but does anyone know if these work with Sage 100cloud payroll too? We're a reseller and our Sage partner doesn't know. If yes, does anyone have employees that use these with Sage 100?…

  • Time Track to Payroll

    Attempting to setup some demo info in EEC company.  Have entered time in Time Track but it will not pull into Payroll, even with ALL DATES selected.  What am I missing?

  • Invoice with multiple lineitems with different dates in AP import (via VI module)


    1) Please suggest how can we create AP invoice with different dates for details within and success import their via VI module?

    2) Please suggest how can we add lines (details) to existing AP invoice via VI module?



    Our company…

  • Check status of VI Job (Sage MAS 100)

    1. How to check status completion of VI Job? (see picture 1)
    1. What Sage MAS 100 table and field should we use to determine VI Job status using ODBC?
    2. Is there other way to run VI Job without using PVXWIN32.EXE?

    The problem description:


  • Access to data of Payroll and Job Cost tables via ODBC for Sage 100 Standard 2018

    1. Is there any option (bypass) for access to Job Cost tables via ODBC driver?
    2. Is there any option (bypass) to decrypt employee encrypted data from external app?
    3. Which of tools are recommended for reading data from Sage Mas 100 in replace…