• PR v2.22.3 - Personal Exemptions in Employee Maintenance

    Iowa client is asking about personal STATE exemptions.  The IA W4 certificate allows a personal exemption option.  In the IA set up, pers exemptions are greyed out.  The HELP text mentions that this field is available only if the tax group allows personal…

  • The Cost Code is required mesage when editing UDF's on Estimate Lines


    Hopefully someone can help with this. We have a client who wants to use Estimates in the Job Cost module. We have created some UDF's on the Estimate Detail table to allow them to add in needed informaiton that they will be prinitng on their paperwork…

  • Job Cost Code Detail Report

    Can someone modify the job cost code detail report for me?

    I would like for the phase subtotal to show the variance between the cost and the revised estimate.  I currently have a custom report that no longer works since we have upgraded to 2020 Version…

  • Full-time & part-time status not reportable fields?

    Hello, all - is the answer right in front of my face and I can't see it? Neither the Employee Listing (in Payroll Reports) and Custom Lookup View (in Payroll Employee Maintenance) seem to report part-time status in EE Maintenance; this status is indicated…

  • Changes not captured in Employee Masterfile Audit Report

    Hello, folks:

    In our payroll module, the Employee Masterfile Audit Report doesn't capture changes to employee deductions, direct deposit bank accounts, or paystub emails or passwords. For years, our workaround has been to save screenshots of the change…

  • Sage 100 Employee Data

    Sage 100c 2019 Standard.  When I print a custom payroll crystal report I receive an error message that reads:

    Error in File PR BPA CUSTOM


    Failed to retrieve data from the database.

    Details: [Database…

  • Job Cost billing history

    I'm creating a Crystal report and wanting only Job Billing History for a specific year. Currently using the selection

    {JC_Job.LastBillDate} in Date (2020, 01, 01) to Date (2020, 12, 31),

    but it is still including 2019 and earlier invoices?

  • Adding a UDF to the PR check form - PR v2.19 or v2.20

    Client wants to pick from two banks to issue PR checks from.  Since they use blank check stock, I added a second text field for the bank address information.  Doing this in AP, I suppress the text fields based on the bank code.  But I do not see the bank…

  • Payroll Check Form


    I have a client who just upgraded from 2017 to 2019 Sage 100 Advanced. We have updated her payroll check form. I am struggling with the stub lines. 

    If we change the amount of the lines I can fit all the deduction lines on the check form but if someone…

  • Crystal Reporting - Formula

    Hi. I am trying to find a way to edit the formula in Crystal Reports that says {JC_InvoiceWrk.Description}. This will place the employee first and last name into our Job Cost invoice. However, prior to updating to the latest version (2019) of Sage, we…

  • Modifying Tax Description on Paycheck in Payroll 2.20

    How do you modify the description of Social Security to be FICA on the paycheck stub in Payroll 2.20?  It does not appear to be a text field in Crystal Reports.

  • In the new payroll (2018+), which tables contains the PR_23 data for deduction code detail?

    In the new payroll (2018+), which tables contains the PR_23 data for deduction code detail?


  • How do I add a custom report in Sage Payroll 2.20?

    Is there a guide or discussion thread that instructs a user on how to add a custom report to Sage Payroll 2.20?

  • Custom Timesheet

    Is anyone having trouble with custom reports for timesheets in the new 2019 version? 

    We have a custom report created to pull only active employees, but when we print the report it is pulling all employees from the beginning of the business. However, when…

  • Time off accrued by posting date

    Is there a table to create a report that can give you info from the Time Off Register but after a payroll is updated? Looking for accrued hours and accrued hours used  by posting date. (PR 2.20)

  • Add sick leave hours to pay check stub in Version 2018+

    I read through the knowledgebase article below, but what is the field name for sick leave hours?


  • TPA Pension report

    The pension report does not show all information needed.  Need to show gross wages for all employees irregardless if they contribute.  Employment dates and other permanent info.  Help 

  • Comment Lines on Job Cost Invoice

    Our client has a series of comments, anywhere from 2 to 6, that they print at the beginning of their invoices. They are on 2016 and are currently entering all of the job cost information in SO Invoice Data Entry to take advantage of the /C lines.


  • New Payroll - Maintaining separate payroll check stubs

    I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to maintain separate Payroll check stubs with the new Payroll. Currently (v2015) the client has the top stub printing 'as is' out-of-the-box, but the bottom stub contains a subreport with the PR7 (data entry)…

  • Add Earnings Codes to Custom Payroll Report


    Is there a way to add an earnings code to a custom payroll report in Sage 100 2018?  I want to find out which employees has a specific earnings code.  I’m not sure which table has earnings codes for each employee, or if that is available.

  • Looking for a Report

    We are looking for a  more specific report (Employee Check History) that shows the Tax Profile Group (Work State) for each Earning code.

    Trying to get to the actual State Taxable Wages for 2018 W-2.

  • Elementary questions

    I am new to this module in Sage and am looking for some basic direction please.

    What does the Pension/Profit sharing check box field do?  Does it apply to W2's?

    There are currently no options set up in our system in the Labor Code Field. I believe this…

  • Customizing payroll tax deductions

    Is it possible to customize a deduction In payroll which takes a percentage of gross wages (all forms of compensation) except for tips?

  • Work In Progress

    We currently set up our jobs by task orders (Government jobs) so that our certified payroll reports calculate "by job".  We would like to start using the over/under billing report, but would like for it to pull by client since our only costs…

  • Job Title

    Hello ,

    Where can I find employee job title in SAGE 100? I looked  into Payroll -> Main-> Employee Maintenance screen but did not find anything related to this.  Any advice where else it could be?

    Thanks again.