• Payroll Tax Calculation

    We have a client whose internet is down due to construction being performed in their area. Unfortunately, today is payroll day. Has anyone had experience using a hotspot to run the payroll tax calculation? They are advanced and the service in onsite.

  • Travel Pay

     How do I get this set up to pay and cost to a job without it adding burden rate to it? 

  • MI Withholding Tax 2023

    Michigan has rolled-back withholding tax from 4.25% to 4.05% for 2023 yet they refuse to change the tax tables for the year.  See the references below..."Treasury takes a neutral position on adjusting withholding amounts. If 2023 withholding amounts…

  • *EXPIRED* Federal Medicare Tax EPFML Withholding

    What's the key to getting these (EPFML, EPSLO, EPSLS) expired codes from gumming up my Employer's Expense Summary and quarter end/year end reports?  It prints on some of my clients, but not others and I'm not easily finding the difference in the…

  • Email to Client

    I have a client that received an email about problems with the payroll deduction balances being reset incorrectly. I looked on the year-end center and didn't see any notices.

    The email address it came from is [email protected]

  • Will 401k deduction automatically calculate up the $$ goal set up in employee maintenance?

    Will 401k deduction automatically calculate up the $$ goal set up in employee maintenance?

    Or do I need to uncheck or turn off the deduction when at/near maximum allowed?

  • 941 June 2021 Worksheet 5 COBRA Credit line 1e calculation error?

    941 June 2021 Worksheet 5 COBRA Premium Assistance Credit.  Line 1e instruction is to subtract line 1d from 1c.  Aatrix is adding 1d to 1c.  

  • Tax Rule for Pre Tax Deduction Student Loan Section 127

    The only Tax Rule I see to use is EE Loan Deduction and after process this deduction is did 

  • Issue with Additional Medicare

    Have a client (on 2.20.3) whose owner has passed the 200K Medicare threshold and should be having additional withheld.

    If you look at the Wages detail, it shows the additional wages (see 48K, 46K below).

    However, nothing additional was withheld:

    I don…

  • How could you track unpaid leave hours in Sage 100 payroll? For example; qualified military leave or FMLA.

    Tried setting up an earnings code using a payrate set to 0.00 but the "earnings" disappear after running tax calculation.  We just need to track the hours as unpaid.

  • Employer Expense summary wrong for 2nd quarter 2021 with COVID Pay

    The employer expense summary is calculating Social Security Employer Liability for checks date in the 2nd quarter.  If you change the check date to the 1st quarter it calculates correctly.

    We are on the latest tax table update.  I verified with our payroll…

  • No federal withholding

    I've had 2 separate clients now on PR 2.x find out during W2 processing that one or more employees had no withholding in all 2020.  I just logged into one client with an employee marked as MJ1 who grosses about 23K per year, paid weekly.  That should…

  • FFCRA related payroll tax deposits


    I have question about making our Federal tax deposits in the EFTPS system after completing a FFCRA related payroll. Our Sage representative completed our setup for this, but I'm wanting feedback to make sure I'm understanding the correct amounts…

  • Group Term Life

    Can anyone tell me the appropriate set up for Group Term Life?   This is a company paid benefit to our employees so at year end we gross up the amounts in excess of $50k so that we can reflect them on the W2 in Box 12C.   I see the tax rules for GTL but they…

  • Payroll Auto Pay - Salary pay amounts different by pennies - since 2.20.3 install

    Since installing 2.20.3 payroll update, we are noticing a difference in the amount being paid to a salaried employees via the auto pay option.  This is happening for multiple employees not just one.

    For instance, 9/30 pay was 2562.50 now 2562.49.  No changes…

  • Trump Payroll Tax Cut Memorandum

    Will Sage be monitoring the outcome of the executive order and making any changes to the software to account for not withholding social security taxed  based on the income limits of $4000 a month?

  • Employers Expense Summary

    We're experiencing a problem with the Employers Expense Summary Report in Payroll 2.20 where Local Taxes are being combined for two locals instead of being listed separately. We are in Pennsylvania and our situation is this: Employees' work location is…

  • Payroll Tax Profile Maintenance Non-resident Option

    In Sage 2018 Tax Profile Maintenance, there is an option for "Regular IT Withholding (NR)".  I am assuming "NR" means non-resident.  Can you explain how Sage handles their taxes differently?

    We have employees residing in one state, but…

  • Seeking Improvements for Capturing PTO

    We're seeking to improve and streamline our PTO tracking process for our biweekly employees. At present, these employees or their supervisors email me with the dates they took (or will take) PTO and the amount of hours (4 or 8). I then plug the hours…

  • Overtime Calculation

    I have a client that uses Time Track. Holiday hours are not included in the overtime calculation. I am able to create a Shift Code that doesn't calculate overtime until there are more than 48 hours worked. Is there an easier way to exclude holiday hours…

  • Payroll 2.20.2 Payroll Tax Calculation error

    Upgraded a client from Payroll 2.20.1 to Payroll 2.20.2.  Receiving an Error 65  Program PR_SPATAXCALC.PVC when running Payroll Tax Calculation.  The Knowledgebase points to PR_PayrollTaxCalc_Ui.pvc.  However all conditions that cause a problem with this file…

  • Sage 100 payroll 2.20 incorrectly calculates social security withholding

    Payroll program update yesterday and now 2 employees' social security withholding are incorrect?  Salary employees...no changes from previous months payrolls...not even near the salary limitation.

  • Upgrade to 2020 - Tax profiles regarding covid pay

    Although I cannot duplicate it at this time - be alert for this issue when upgrading to 2020 if you have tax profiles that have covid pay enabled.

    Client did a payroll on a Wednesday and we did final data migration to 2020 that evening.   Payroll did all…

  • FICA Error

    We are running Sage 100 2017. We have two companies with payroll in each.  There is a 401K plan in each company and the deduction codes for each company are set up identically.  On one company, the 401K deductions are not being reduced for the FICA calculation…

  • Time track shift maintenance not calculating overtime correctly.

    I have a shift set up for our Regular day to day and it is set to calculate overtime at anything over 40 hours for the week.  During a holiday week we pay overtime on anything over 8 hours a day, so I set up a separate shift in shift maintenance and have…