How to update time off settings in Payroll options?


The sick time law just recently changed in the state of New Mexico.  It now states that you can not cap the accrual of sick time but you can limit the number of hours that an employee can use per year.  Currently we have our time off settings in Payroll Options set as seen in the attachment.  The options are all greyed out.  I know this can be changed when a new company is created at the beginning of the year before any payrolls have been run, but can it be changed in the middle of the year?  We have employees that carried over sick time and have now accrued to the accrual cap so their accrual stopped for the rest over the year.  This is not in compliance with the law.  I wanted to go in and change the settings to remove the time off limit.  I am a full admin.  Is there a way to fix this or do we have to wait until the new year?


time off payroll options.docx