The Cost Code is required mesage when editing UDF's on Estimate Lines


Hopefully someone can help with this. We have a client who wants to use Estimates in the Job Cost module. We have created some UDF's on the Estimate Detail table to allow them to add in needed informaiton that they will be prinitng on their paperwork. In doing some testing with adding some information, they are receiving the message stating that "The Cost Code is required. The Cost Type is required. the Item Code is required. The Line Type is required". It appears its when I go back and edit information that is in the UDF's that are on this table. Highlighted in yellow in the screen shot are the UDF's I have added. In this case I went back to change the text in the "Room Name" UDf on the second line and when I went to add another line after making those edits it gave me this error. In order to get out of this error I have to close the Estimate which doesnt save any changes.

I have talked to Sage and they said because its a UDF they won't help, we confirmed that it works fine if I remove UDF's from the table. Customer really needs these UDF's in order to use Estimates so hoping someone can assist! They are on Sage 100 Standard, Version