• Error 43 Mask Invalid - Sage 100 2021.5

    Fresh install - just updated. Was previously trialing out everything on 2021.3. Pulled the trigger this weekend and combined the migration with upgrading to 2021.5. Risky! And, there's issues. I got sporadic Error 43 Mask Invalid on a couple workstations…

  • TrueType fonts for use in Paperless office

    Best way to download TrueType fonts for use in Paperless office

  • TLS confusion

    I am very confused.  There is a Product Update 6 for Sage 2020 which states it resolves the Microsoft End of Life Basic Authentication issue.  However, if you review the attached document, "How to configure Sage 100 OAuth E-mail settings for use with a…

  • Sage 100 2020 Product Update 6

    The Release Notes for 2020 show Product Update 6.  There is a hot fix, LM6029T, that shows Product Update 6.  However, Product Update 6 is not listed on the Downloads Page.  How do I get Product Update 6 for Sage 2020?



  • Sage 100 Version confusion / upgrade needed for TLS1.2

    I'm reading that TLS1.2 is supported on 2021.4 or 2022.1

    Going into About on the server (on-prem) the follow appears:

    Sage 100 Standard 2021 (Version (Payroll Version 32-bit, WebView2 Version 105.0.1343.27

    Question: All the Sage…

  • Sage 100 2021 Workstation Does Not Start

    After installing the Sage 100 2021 workstation on several  computers, it does not startup after going through the Workstation Synchronization process.  I have removed and reinstalled the workstation with the same result.

    Thanks for your help,


  • Sage 100 2023 - Any News?

    I a preparing to do an upgrade from Sage 100 2019 to Sage 100 2022.2 (latest version as of this post).

    Was just wondering, since we are getting close to the EOY, has there been any news of a 2023 version?

    Don't really want to do an upgrade now if the…

  • Sage Advisor Update Checkboxes

    I've seen this issue on a few different client servers - when opening Sage Advisor Update, the available updates are recognized, the customer's 'Plan Status' is showing active, but the checkboxes to select one or more updates are simply missing - the…

  • Upgrade to Sage 100 2021 Custom Panels not Showing Up


    We are doing a test upgrade from Sage 100 2018 PU 6 to Sage 100 2021 PU 3.  We have installed Sage 100 2021, PU 3 and Payroll and migrated several companies to test.  However, none of the custom panels or UDFs are showing in the tasks.  We have run…

  • Businessworks and Sage 100

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know if there is a conflict if both the BusinessWorks client and the Sage 100 client are both installed on a workstation?   Have a client moving from BW to Sage 100.

  • Name of the file that holds data that you enter in LM - Main - Co Maintenance - Tab 5 E-Mail?

    What's name of the file that holds data that you enter in LM - Main - Co Maintenance - Tab 5 E-Mail in Sage 100 2021?

  • Extremely Slow Workstation Setup

    We have a client that one of their workstations is taking over 2 hours to perform workstation setup.  Pre-reqs are in, but the status stays at zero forever.  IT tells us that they have AV turned off and they are logged into this workstation as Administrator…

  • Upgrade Sage 2017 to Sage 2021.5 Premium

    Upgrading Sage 2017 Premium to Sage 2021.5 Premium to new server environment where App server and SQL server are separate.  During the process of "Migration Wizard is restoring MAS_ARK database", we receive the following message:

    "Error Number…

  • Sage 100 Native SData Provider Adapter Error 1722 installing in Sage 2022 Premium

    Working on a Sage 2022 Premium go live this weekend that includes SData. Below is the full error message. Anyone seen this before and is there a solution or new installation package?

    Sage 100 Native SData provider Adapter.Error 1722. There is a problem…

  • In workstation setup files what is the difference between autorun.exe and setup.exe?

    Does it matter which of these files are used when setting up a workstation?

  • All Standard Crystal Forms and Report are not populating data in Sage 100 2022 PU1...ODBC Issue

    I have just upgraded my client's live Sage 100c advanced 2019 PU 4 to Sage 100c 2022 PU 1.  Everything migrated to new server properly and the data for the live company was converted fine too.  I am experiencing an issue with the ODBC both for User…

  • time needed for upgrade.

    how many hours are involved in upgrading from sage 100 2017 to sage 2022? we have a pretty basic set up with maybe 3 custom reports, installed on 6 computers and 1 ob connection.

  • Operations Management upgrade to 2022 Error

    I recently attempted to upgrade a client from Sage 2017 to 2022 with Operations Management.  At the point of migration we received the following message, "The following modules were not found in your source installation and are not installed: J/T Production…

  • Summary Package Tracking Inquiry

    Does anyone know the file that controls the Summary Package Tracking Inquiry screen?  I know this screen is not customizable, but an error happened with our Sage 100 Version 2013 to 2021 conversion and I need to get a clean copy of this screen file.


  • Problem downloading Payroll 2.2.2

    I'm getting this message when trying to download Payroll 2.2.2.

  • Need help on Migrating Sage ERP MAS 200 v. to SAGE 100 from one server to another server

    I have an old server where the MAS200 is currently installed and I wanted to migrate it to my new server but at the same time migrate the MAS200 to SAGE100.

    Is this possible? 

  • Upgrading Sage 100 Premium 2019 to 2021 ending in the same default SQL instance

    I have a client using Sage 100 Premium for core accounting for 200 companies installed in the default instance. I need to upgrade for 2019 to 2021, what is the procedure to keep using the default instance on a single server? Ideas? There are multiple…

  • Citrix server cannot get into Sage 100 v2021

    For Sage 100 v2021 workstation install on Citrix server when I change the permissions on the executable file for all users to run as administrator it seems like the program can’t run because it truncates the Sage path (cannot find the folder names with…

  • Windows Server 2022

    Has anyone install Sage v2019 PU4 Standard on a server with Windows Server 2022 OS?

    IT wants to upgrade the existing server and I would like to wait to upgrade Sage until the 2022 version is available.


  • Install crystal report Designer Sage 100 2016 missing Crystall 2011 folder

    How can I install Crystal Report Designer if the Crystal 2011 folder is missing?