• Secure email add-on?

    Is Sage 100 compatable with any secure email interfaces, like Voltage? 

  • JAVA zero day exploit

    I've been asked the question below by one client and was wondering if anyone else had been asked the same question. 

    Is there any known issue with SAGE due to the recently discovered Java Spring zero-day exploit?  Notes copied below for your conve…

  • Export/Import roles

    I have several companies running different Sage versions, mostly Sage100 Advanced 2020, trying to migrate over to Sage100 2020 Premium. I am trying to export the roles, any advice on how to do that, am I missing something obvious?

  • User Password Change Permissions

    What role tasks and permissions need to be assigned to allow users to change their own passwords?  I've selected Allow User to Change Own Password in Module Options, but they still cannot change their own password.


  • Aatrix Form/Program Update Requiring Local Admin - Any Workaround ?

    I have a customer who just emailed me demanding a meeting to discuss how absurd it is that updating a form in Aatrix requires local administrator rights.

    She is, I believe, talking about the prompt that comes up at least annually when Aatrix tries to…

  • Role limits

    I would like to know if there is a limit on the amount of Roles that can be created.. can I create 100 Roles if I wanted to??

  • Sage 100 Premium 2020 ( locking up


    First post here hopefully I am putting this is the correct location. We are having an issue were Sage is locking up. Then we will receive an error message SY_lockFileInfo.M4T Correcting missing key. Can someone please guide me in the correct location…

  • Sage 100 Premium - SQL Server User Permissions

    We're looking into upgrading from Sage 100 Standard to Premium. Currently we do a lot of connecting directly to the database via ODBC for querying; our AP users query the AP tables, our Payroll users query the Payroll tables, etc. I don't want these two…

  • Sage100 Crystal Report designer preview asking for a password

    I'm editing accounts payable checks in crystal reports.  I click on "View" and then "Preview".   It then has a popup that says OLE DB, and then has the following fields:

    Server: OURSERVER\SAGE100V2017
    User ID: Mas_Reports


  • Security for Payroll module journals and registers

    What's the best way to set up security for payroll journals and registers.

    We have a few people that need access to open the payroll PDFs in paperless office, but everyone else does not need access.

    I thought about creating a separate folder for the…

  • Turn off Query Login Prompts

    Every time I refresh a Microsoft Query I am prompted to enter Sage login credentials twice. Can I turn this off?

  • Adobe Flash

    As companies are looking to move away from Adobe Flash due to vulnerabilities I have a question regarding Visual Process Flows.

    Most of my clients do not use the Visual Process Flows even if they once used competing products.

    If a client's security policy…

  • Using GMail and pending changes to SMTP authentication (requiring OAuth)

    A customer forwarded an email from Google about some pending changes, and is asking me about whether Sage 100 is compatible.

    We’re constantly working to improve the security of your organization’s Google accounts. As part of this effort, and in consideration…

  • TLS 1.0 and emailing from Sage 100

    KB 109844 indicates that emailing from Sage 100 is limited to TLS 1.0, and we're starting to see email servers stop supporting this insecure protocol.  Today, one customer is having problems, using O365 email, and we suspect this might be the cause…


    This role is accessed in the IM module, but can be accessed also in the AR module.

    When a user is restricted access to Price Code Maintenance, they can still access it via A/R

    I can't see this issue being addressed anywhere else.

    Client needs to restrict…

  • Permissions working as intended?


    Our accounting department was trying to limit who has access to Vendor Maintenance, and instructed me to remove permissions for all users except for a select few. Unfortunately, when one user was trying to use "Receipt of Invoice Entry," and then…

  • "Restrict Accounting Date to Current and One Future Period" Not working?


    Our accounting team is having trouble with people posting to future periods which I am trying to resolve. In our test company, I have tried using the "Restrict Accounting Date to Current and One Future Period" in the company maintenance tab, and…

  • Security rights - Updating TEST Company but not allow some rights

    We've got someone in-house learning BOI.  I need to prevent him from doing any updates that will affect our LIVE company.  I can give him full rights to the TEST company, but I know there are some changes, like setup or adding UDFs, that you make in…

  • Payroll security

    I am new to Sage and new to this user forum.  Is this a place where I can ask questions about payroll?  I have found most of Sage 100 quite easy to set up and the training videos make things very easy.  However, when I try to set up payroll I keep getting…

  • Shipgear rights within Sage

    Our Shipgear add on currently has full admin rights within Sage- something we would prefer it not to have.

    Anybody aware of what specific rights Shipgear needs to have within Sage? Or can point me in the right direction?

  • Sage 100 2018 Tax Profile Maintenance "...must have access to all departments in all companies..."

    So I am racking my brain on this, I have Admin rights to all companies on my list, I double checked all check boxes in Role Maintenance, yet I still cannot access Payroll > Setup > Tax Profile Maintenance. Gives me, "To access this task, you must have…

  • SageAS managed service account

    I need a refresher on what this account is for.  There is a user account created on my server under Managed Service Accounts name SageAS and I cannot remember what it is used for.  It is on my radar because I ran software to audit the server and it came…

  • Role Security

    Is there a cross reference that maps TaskKey and TaskTypeKey in SY_RoleSecurity to the task names in role maintence? I was hoping to upload role security instead of manually entering every role.

    Thank you

  • Sage 100 2017 Help Ribbon Bar - Security Issues

    Started playing with 2017.  There is some cool stuff!

    I noticed that on the help ribbon bar there are items such as the knowledgebase,  downloads and updates,  live chat,  enter a support ticket etc.

    It appears that the knowledgebase link and downloads and…

  • Anyone using AVG Business with Sage 100 Advanced?

    If so, what exceptions, settings changes, etc. have you implemented on the server and workstations?