• De-Activation of Avalara - Land mines?

    Has anyone else de-activated Avalara and is there anything in particular we need to watch out for?

    We're planning to:

    • de-activate all companies via the Avatax Configuration Options
    • import our prior tax schedule codes to:
      • Customer File
      • Ship-To F…
  • ProvideX on AWS

    Has anyone migrated an active ProvideX installation from a local machine (running Linux) to AWS? Were you successful? If so, can you share any issues you discovered or point to any online documentaiton on the subject? If you weren't able to make the migration…

  • Mapquest does not go to specific address

    Had an upgrade from v2019 Standard to v2022 Standard and ever since when users click the map icon in customer/vendor maint, the mapquest website opens but it does not go to the specific address. Tried changing default web browsers, allow pop ups and extension…

  • How to enter Purchase order and create Sales Order using API

    My team has been using desktop Sage 100 (2021) to enter purchase orders to generate sales orders, but we would like to do this via API. 


  • Any Scanforce users that can help with problems getting correct qty allocated values onto a pick ticket?

    We're testing a Scanforce installation and because we don't allocate inventory until the pick tickets are printed, we're having a really hard time getting the correct allocation details on to the picking ticket.  

    I could elaborate with plenty…

  • Why won't a Sage 100 Mas90 32 bit ODBC driver allow wrire access when exporting FedEx tracking numbers to a SO-HEADER field contaiing a maximum 35 character limit? Version 4.0

    Please advise if this is a "Write" permissions issue that needs to be set within Sage.  Only reason I can advance for the processed shipment data to not be able to post to the referenced table and table field.

  • Moving from Century Business Solutions to Paya Connect

    We are transitioning from Century Business Solutions to Paya Connect Merchant services 

    Objective: to see if there's a way to move the credit card tokens from CBS to Paya so we can continue to have access to the credit cards.

    I understand that I need…

  • Starship Rules for bringing freight back to Sage


    Where do I set up the rules for when to bring freight costs back from Starship into the Sage invoice?  Thank you.


  • Sage 100 2019 real-time API or SDKs to use so we can integrate Sage 100 2019 with connectwise

    We just upgraded to Sage 100 2019 and would like to know if Sage 100 2019 has real-time API or SDKs to use so we can integrate Sage 100 2019 with connectwise with out making it a manual process. Thanks

  • Sales Tax is blown away when processing orders in Shipping Data Entry using the Quick Ship button when using a non-Avatax Tax Schedule.

    Is anyone else having any issues with this? It appears to be a conflict between Avatax and Starship.

    System is Sage 100c Premium 2018 (Version; , Avatax Config shows "Sage 100, || 2.0 DSD", StarShip Client is 18.0.3.

    Some funny…

  • Strange behavior with Shipping Rate Maintenance with Sage 100 2018 Premium and SData/Web Services


    We just upgraded from Sage 100 2014 Advanced to Sage 100 2018 Premium.

    Our website for years used e-Business web services / SData integration.

    All worked fine.

    And after upgrade all is good, except this small issue - custom rules with shipping…

  • SDK/BOI to Integrate with Sage 100

    hi, I am new to Sage 100. Our company bought Sage100 2018 and installed on our windows server. Right now, my goal is to use .net/java/python/php or any other codes to integrate with Sage 100.

    I found one link mentioned (Sage Evolution SDKhttp://developmentzone…

  • Infor CRM Integrations

    We use the Infor CRM platform and would like to integrate our order processing (Sage 100) so we can produce a sales order straight from the CRM without having to navigate all over the place. Does anyone know if there is an integration between the 2 platforms…

  • SAGE 100 Shipping Info not received or incorrect from Website

    Hello, I am new to the community. I hope someone can help me with this relatively simple problem. I am tasked by a client to send Customer orders from their Wordpress Website to their SAGE 100 ERP. 
    From what we can tell  everything is sent over, received…

  • Sage 100 ODBC Connection

    We have an application that wraps around the Sage 100 data base using the Sage 100/Providex 64-bit ODBC driver as a linked server to an instance of MS SQL Server 2014 Express 64-bit.  Various views are then defined against the S100 tables in the SQL Server…

  • Sage 100 integration PVX errors reference list?

    I have a client that uses Sage 100 and we've developed a product using Sage 100 integration for work orders. Lately we've been seeing Integration work order errors like this:

    "Error in D:\Sage\Sage 100 Advanced\MAS90\SY\SY_SDataServer.pvc…

  • Sage 100c v3 PHP Tutorial

    Hello everyone,

    Is there anyone who would be kind enough to provide us with a tutorial to link Sage 100c (Cloud) v3 to PHP?

    Thank you.

  • Is SData a technology we can expect to be improved and developed in Sage 100 Standard?

    We've built a connector between WooCommerce and Sage 100 Standard using SData and have found that SData has some quirks that have proven to be a real pain to work around. It's also not very well documented (at least the version of SData used in Sage 100…

  • How to delete a Sales Order Invoice using SData in Sage 100?

    I have a need to delete a Sales Order Invoice using SData and I can't seem to figure it out. When I run an HTTPS DELETE request to https://<sdata-connector-server>/sdata/masapp/mascontract/<company-name>/SO_InvoiceHeaderSPECIAL('0026094')…

  • Does the SData Native Adapter that comes with the Sage 100 2018 installer add additional functionality over the Sage 100 2017 version of the adapter?

    We are currently using the SData Native Adapter with Sage 100 2017 to connect our store application with Sage. I'm trying to decide if it would behoove us to upgrade to Sage 100 2018 and the associated SData adapter. I'm wondering if the new adapter gives…

  • The element 'WorkOrderAddRq' has invalid child element

    Complete Error Message 

    <api:MBXML statusCode="10601" statusMessage="Schema Validation failed (The element 'WorkOrderAddRq' has invalid child element 'PurchaseOrderNumber'. List of possible elements expected: 'DispatchTime, ScheduledDate'.)" statusSeverity…

  • Sage 100 2014 SData GET returning lots of unwanted HTML in addition to the desired XML

    How do I get the SData GET to return only the XML with the requested data items?  It is currently returning a ton of unwanted HTML that is a waste to transmit on every GET.  I have tried different Content-Type options, but nothing I tried has worked:


  • Sage 100 2015 - eBusiness Web Services UDFs not exposing


    We run Sage 100 2015 with eBusiness Web Services on top to integrate order entry from our website (which runs on WordPress/WooCommerce). Everything is working perfectly passing orders through up until we try to expose UDFs. In the eBusiness Web…

  • Accessing the Sage 100 ODBC Driver from a Web Server

    My Company is trying to setup a system to access our Sage database to report to our cloud CRM software. We are trying to use PHP and a local web server to access the ODBC driver for Sage on our local area network. We are currently working on building…

  • Store front interface with sage100

    What is anyone using for an online ordering system that interfaces with sage 100?