• microsoft office professional plus 2021

    Is Sage 100 2022.1 compatible with Office Professional Plus 2021? 

    I have it installed and my ALE lookups do not open in Excel, Instead I get Error 65, Windows element does not exist or already exists Program: SY_EXCEL.PVC statement 165 Class SY_EXCEL Method…

  • Sage 100c premium 2016 paperless emails failing

    Just thought I would share this for anyone else that may be looking for problems with emails and TLS 1.0 TLS 1.1.  The Additional information is at the very bottom of the KB and could easily be missed.

    Additional information

    Note: Microsoft and other…

  • SQL 2019 compatible with Sage 100 2020 Premium?

    I am working on planning an upgrade and see the SPM for v2020 doesn't officially show support for MS SQL version 2019 yet.  Is there a timeline on when that will be added to the SPM?

  • MAS200 Version 4.40 Export to Excel in Vendor Inquiry (and others) grayed out or unavailable

    We are running an old version of MAS200, version 4.40.  I had to upgrade my laptop due to it's untimely death.  I am currently on Windows 10, Office 2019 (32-bit).  For some reason, the Export to Excel button that was available on my old laptop is "grayed…

  • Best way to automatically copy tables from Sage to SSMS for reporting with SSRS?

    Good morning everyone,

    I'm looking to create a reasonable workflow for reporting from sage with SSRS. Currently, we're using report builder with an ODBC connection to achieve this, but even with limited testing we're noticing that this slows down the…

  • Sage contractor - Differences/ SQL Server Questions

    Have a new environment to get familiar with.

    Hoping to get some clarification on similarities with Sage 100 (ProvideX) and Sage 100 Contractor with MS SQL Server backend.

    For example, under Sage 100 Contractor, can I still run <File><Run> *info?…

  • Delete Change Not Working

    Sage 100 2014

    Imported two part numbers using Visual Integrator into the DeleteChange table. Went to the Item Maint/Utility and ran the utility. The parts were displayed with the starting and ending part numbers, each line jhad a unique line no.


  • Error 88 when user is in item inquiry

    This is the error message that appears: Error 88 Invalid/Unknown property name. O/S Error Call was rejected by Callee (err/ret=2/0) SY_Excel.PVC. When the user clicks on the Excel button a pop up window appears requesting a sign on to Microsoft Office…

  • Sage 100 ERP 2016 - BI Generator Addin - Excel 2016 Crash - HP Laptop - Ultraslim Docking Station

    So I have a user with the following setup:

         HP Elitebook 840 G4 Laptop

              Windows 10 Pro (1709)

         HP UltraSlim Docking Station (D9Y32UT)

              2 External monitors plugged into the dock

         Microsoft Excel 2016 (32-bit) (O365)

              Sage BI Generator Add…

  • ACCESS ODBC QUERY TO SAGE 100 - Date column format

    Access 2003/Sage 100 ver. 2014

    Using a linked table in access

    Can't get figure how to format the date value...keep getting errors.

    Tried {d '2018-01-01'} =#01/01/2018#  ...no luck

    sql select blahfield, blahfield where table.datecolumn=>{d '2018…

  • ACCESS - ODBC - Date query

    Sage 100

    Access 2003

    SELECT IM_Audit.Date, IM_Audit.WorkstationName, IM_Audit.ItemCode, IM_Audit.ItemCodeDesc, IM_Audit.TransactionType, IM_Audit.FieldName, IM_Audit.FieldValueOriginal, IM_Audit.NewFieldValue
    FROM IM_Audit
    WHERE (((IM_Audit.Date)=#1/10…

  • Using SQL Server Management Studio To Work With Sage 100


    So I'm new to this forum, so I apologize in advance for any breach of protocol.

    Basically, I have set up a DSN on my server running MS SQL, and it works fine.  I can see all of my tables (but not fields) for Sage 100 Advanced ERP in SSMS - Great…

  • ODBC Timeout

    Sage 100 58 users seats ver: 5.10.7 I'm getting an error running the following query against ci_item: SELECT Count(*) as NumRecords from ci_item There's 90,000 items in the ci_item table. Works fine on my development system.
  • [ProvideX][ODBC Driver][PVKIO]Logon Failed

    Okay, so let me start out by saying that I've searched these forums and Google for the last few days and while I find many similar situations, I still haven't been able to find a solution to my problem.  I have setup linked servers in SQL and they…

  • Executing OPENQUERY against Linked Sage 100 from SQL stops at IDBInitialize::Initialize

    I'm not familiar with how OLEDB works so I hope someone here can tell me.  

    We have a Sage 100 ERP 5.2 as a linked server in MSSQL2008.  Some scripts in Sage executes stored procs in SQL at post-write and post-validate events.  Most of the time there…

  • Sage.bi.excelfunctions1.1.xxl could not be found.


  • making a new PO object returns Module J/C is not on file

    Hi there,

    I'm working on expanding a VBA routine, which creates a new PO for Sage ERP 100 5.00.2, to bring up a printing UI to let users electrically deliver the newly created PO.  But I'm stuck trying to resolve a series of errors thrown by Session…

  • odbc win32

    SAGE 100 ERP 2014 Update 6 Here's a defined connection string in our win32 app: LPCTSTR pvx_cs = "DRIVER=MAS 90 4.0 ODBC Driver; RemoteHost:; Port=9996; Company=BUR; UID=xxx; PWD=12345; Directory=\\MAS-DEV-2014\Sage\Sage10~1\MAS90\;"; When…
  • Attn: MS Server 2008/SQL 2012 Customers:

    Pls see Microsoft knowledge base article #2872041 for new hotfix for .NET framework issues.