• TrueType fonts for use in Paperless office

    Best way to download TrueType fonts for use in Paperless office

  • Businessworks and Sage 100

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know if there is a conflict if both the BusinessWorks client and the Sage 100 client are both installed on a workstation?   Have a client moving from BW to Sage 100.

  • In workstation setup files what is the difference between autorun.exe and setup.exe?

    Does it matter which of these files are used when setting up a workstation?

  • Summary Package Tracking Inquiry

    Does anyone know the file that controls the Summary Package Tracking Inquiry screen?  I know this screen is not customizable, but an error happened with our Sage 100 Version 2013 to 2021 conversion and I need to get a clean copy of this screen file.


  • Problem downloading Payroll 2.2.2

    I'm getting this message when trying to download Payroll 2.2.2.

  • Install crystal report Designer Sage 100 2016 missing Crystall 2011 folder

    How can I install Crystal Report Designer if the Crystal 2011 folder is missing? 

  • Can Sage 100 work if Server is in [Domain A] and Terminal Server is in [Domain B] where there is one way trust from [Domain B] to [Domain A].

    Have client looking to install a client on a different domain and asking if this is an acceptable configuration.  

  • Where are the download links in the knowledgebase?! So frustrating...

    Trying to do an upgrade today, and I cannot find the download links in the knowledgebase.

  • Test Environment Setup


    Our company is interested in redoing our entire GL structure, obviously this will cause a massive change. We have been advised not to create a separate company and do the testing within that company as some of the GL settings are shared globally…

  • Sage 100 - Station Name in Master Console


    I am trying to find out how Sage 100 (in my case Premium) obtains the (Work-)Station name shown in the Master Console. Sage "remembers" some of its settings based on that station name.

    We tried setting the Windows environment varia…

  • Windows Server 2019 Essential

    We have a Sage 100 prospect that would like to use Windows Server 2019 Essential.  It is NOT on the Supported Platform Matrix.   Is anyone using this?  I explained to him that if the server software is not on the Matrix then his install would be unsupported…

  • Program fix question

    Should this program be installed on the server's MAS90 folder?  Typically, the installation path will default to the MAS90 folder, but this is not the case for this program fix.


  • Sage100 Client directory being installed to C:\Users\{user name}\OneDrive - {company name}\Documents\Sage 100 vs. C:\Users\{username}\Documents\Sage 100

    I'm having an issue with just 1 Sage 100c Advanced v2019.2 client install to a new laptop.

    Workstation setup installs the "..\Sage100" directory to C:\Users\{username}\OneDrive - {company name}\Documents\Sage 100 and not to the standard C…

  • Changing SQL password during current Premium install


    Never done this before, and Sage does not support this, has anyone changed a SQL sa password while Premium installed and running?  I'm sure the database connection would disconnect, but it sounds like we would need to install the program again as…

  • Sage 100 License Question

    We have 1 license of Sage 100.  Can I install the program on 2 computers to access a database on the network.  As long as only 1 user is in the database at a time, is this ok?

  • Moving Premium to a new server (not just the database, the service too) without migration


    Customer is changing hosting providers and their current data center is unwilling to provide a server image, so running a proper migration to the new server is not possible.

    I've installed the same version on the new server (including enhancements…

  • Azure SQL

    Has anyone tried to install Sage 100 Premium on a Azure SQL instance? It's a lot different than the standard SQL setup. I managed to get the system installed, but i am getting various SQL and Sage errors that seem to be related to permissions of one kind…

  • Production Management for 2019.3?

    I am working on setting up a test system for Production Management and the versioning is confusing me.

    The Sage KB (98752 ) says nothing about PM for product update 3 (which was released mid-March).  Nor does it reference compatibility for the current…

  • What version SQL is Sage 100 2019 and Sage 100 2020 compatible with?

    What version SQL is Sage 100 2019 and Sage 100 2020 compatible with?

  • How do I manually uninstall SAGE 100 Standard 2017 client from a couple of workstations. the mapped drive is not available.

    I need to remove Sage 100 standard 2017 from a couple of workstations and the mapped drive is not available since these workstations were moved to a different location. I am unable to find an uninstall file. 

  • FRx failed to validate frx system database


    We have client still on FRx which I have been successful at adding a new client user to their system.  But a new Windows 10 user is giving me problems and now the knowledgebase does not show my problem.  When accessing the program, "failed to validate…

  • 'Error 14 Program *updater\windx.upd Line 5540' during synchronization step on new workstation

    The other day I was setting up Sage 100 on a user's workstation when I received the following message:

    The following error has occured:

    Error 14 Program *updater\windx.upd Line 5540

    Contact your system administrator

    I've tried reinstalling Sage…

  • Sage 100 Premium

    We have a new client that would prefer to use the Premium (SQL) version over the Providex version.  We currently do not have any Premium installations.  Just checking in to find out if there are any "quirky" installation/implementation issues that…

  • Switching to Sage 100c from Sage 100

    My company decided to go with the subscription pricing model at the last renewal.  I have a ton of questions about the switch.  Is there any documentation on switching from Sage 100 to 100c? 

    • What do I do with the Unlocking and Activation Keys?
    • What impact…
  • How to use msi to automate Sage 100 2013 workstation installation

    I have a go live coming up for a Sage 100 2013 system that has a large number of workstations.  We would like to automate the install of the 2013 workstations using the msi (Microsoft installer) since they have so many workstations.   We need the switches or…