• Changing Landed Cost Type Default

    Running Sage 100 v2018 and wondering if there is a way to change the default Landed Cost Type from FRGHT to a different Cost Type when there are applicable landed costs within Receipt of Goods Entry.  I don't believe there is a standard setting but I also…

  • S/O Invoice Data Entry Deposit Payment Type dropdown

    We recently updated our Sage 100 version from 2018 to 2022 and have been having issues processing credit cards (via Paya Exchange) from the "S/O Invoice Data Entry" program. We have no trouble adding the Credit Card info at the *Sales Order Entry* program…

  • Migration from Advanced to Premium failing Error execute: select physical_name from master.sys.master_files where name = 'MAS_SYSTEM'

    I have a migration that failed in the prepare stage, before any SQL databases or tables were created, and I am attempting to begin it again after addressing the dictionary issue that stopped the prepare.

    However, the migration cannot begin and returns…

  • Gmail Oauth Set Up Error

    We have a client that is trying to set up OAuth for their Gmail.  They are receiving an error when testing: "The Authentication process failed.  Status Code 404".  Their IT company has set up the email address but it appears they are missing something…

  • Cleaning up sy_griddefinition.m4t

    Has anyone come up with an easy way to clean up the sy_griddefintion.m4t?

    I'm working with a client that has a 50 user count and they have been using Sage 100/MAS90 for at least 20 years.

    Sy_griddefinition contains every rearrangement of data entry…

  • Secure email add-on?

    Is Sage 100 compatable with any secure email interfaces, like Voltage? 

  • The SageLog≡Reserve file

    The system file named SageLog≡Reserve located in C:\Users\Public\Documents\GlobalSettings is at 1 GB.

    Can that be reduced or deleted?


  • SMTP Configuration Question

    We are using Sage 100.  We have some users that use the workstation app on their local machines and we have some users that connect to a Terminal Services box to run the workstation app.  I recently configured SMTP on the Sage server.  We require firewall…

  • Sage 100 OAuth Password Prompt...every time!

    I have a Sage 100 end users that is a long time Office 365 user for emailing Paperless Office Documents out of Sage 100.  I am in the process of moving them to OAuth (we are Basic still in our Live Companies).  I had their IT Group perform Steps 1 and 2…

  • Email Setup In Sage 100 - Question On Connectivity To The SMTP Server

    I have completed the email/SMTP setup on our Sage server.  From a security standpoint, we require IP addresses to be allowed through our firewall and to be whitelisted on our SMTP servers.  This has also been completed for our Sage server.  In testing the…

  • Sage 100 Premium 2021.3 company background colors stopped working

    I set the company background color last week and now they are all the same.  In Company Maintenance on the Theme tab I tried to turn it back to standard, then change back to classic and choose a new color, but it still isn't showing the background or frame…

  • Azure Virtual Desktop Remote App?


    I am trying to use Sage 100 2021 Advanced in Azure using Azure Virtual Desktop, I have deployed a server in Azure and installed Sage 100, I have deployed 2 session hosts and installed the Workstation client, when using the full desktop I open Sage and…

  • F9 can't read SY_Company.m4t file correctly

    We've been using F9 for a very long time, and sometime in the past couple of months it has been "working" in terms of allowing the F9 formulas in excel to work, but when one user (me) tried to do some additional F9 tasks (drill down), it only sees 2 of…

  • Sage 100 Advanced "Find File" Default Location

    Hello everyone,

    Kind of a random question I was hoping the community knew the answer to. We have a user working in the "Vendor Maintenance" section of Sage. She creates memos for invoices and attaches images to them as she creates them. Normally when…

  • Azure migration from MSP hosted 2019 VM

    Currently we have an MSP host a Server2019 VM where anywhere from 15-20 people log in to access Sage 100. I am looking to migrate it over to an Azure Instance. Are there any recommended instance types or configuration resources I can read into?


  • JAVA zero day exploit

    I've been asked the question below by one client and was wondering if anyone else had been asked the same question. 

    Is there any known issue with SAGE due to the recently discovered Java Spring zero-day exploit?  Notes copied below for your conve…

  • Export/Import roles

    I have several companies running different Sage versions, mostly Sage100 Advanced 2020, trying to migrate over to Sage100 2020 Premium. I am trying to export the roles, any advice on how to do that, am I missing something obvious?

  • User Password Change Permissions

    What role tasks and permissions need to be assigned to allow users to change their own passwords?  I've selected Allow User to Change Own Password in Module Options, but they still cannot change their own password.


  • Sage 100 2021 Workstation won't allow swapping to classic view


    On a new install on a laptop, the Sage 100 2021 workstation will not allow the swap to classic view. Not entirely sure what I am missing, but we don't have this problem with any other computer.

    Typically, we would do this by going to the Launch32…

  • Cannot resize sage windows

    After an upgrade from v2017 Advanced to v2021 users cannot resize their sage windows. They attempt to and it appears like its working but it snaps right back to original size. We tried changing the screen resolution but that didn't work. Open to any suggestions…

  • Aatrix Form/Program Update Requiring Local Admin - Any Workaround ?

    I have a customer who just emailed me demanding a meeting to discuss how absurd it is that updating a form in Aatrix requires local administrator rights.

    She is, I believe, talking about the prompt that comes up at least annually when Aatrix tries to…

  • Role limits

    I would like to know if there is a limit on the amount of Roles that can be created.. can I create 100 Roles if I wanted to??

  • Does Sage 100 2020 require MSXML 4.0?

    MSXML 4.0 had been installed on the server at some point during installation of Sage 100 2017. Does it still need to be installed after upgrading to Sage 100 2020? The issue is that the version is no longer supported and is a security risk.

  • Is it just me being haunted by Paperless Error -30 and -40? Happening even on current releases

    For customers who are on v2021 these paperless office type error messages continue to appear. It is most noticeable/problematic for any user where they are not a local administrator on their computer as that requires we pull in IT resources. 

    I suggest…

  • Sales Order Entry --> Customer Maintenance --> Paperless Office Settings Issue. No accept button.

    Using 100c Premium.  Having an issue where if a user accesses customer maintenance from the SO entry screen (either by customer number hyperlink or the 'customer' button in top right), then attempts to modify the customer's paperless office settings…