VI Import Not Recognizing All GL Account Numbers


Trying to upload a budget file.  However, when I test the upload I am getting errors where the 3rd segment of a GL account number is being left off and causing the error XXXXX-XX- is not on file.  However, other GL accounts are loading just fine.  

Our accounts format is XXXXX-XX-XX

I can't tell why some GL accounts are being after the second dash, while others are not.  


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    Insert a temp field before the GL account key field.  Set ihe data type to "string", Set the Assign temp on to "Key Assigns Only" and select "clear on each record".  Change the import column to your GL account column of your budget import

    Change the Account key operation to "calculated",  For the calculation field below, click on the tool icon to the right and select the temp field from the current job fields column.  I should appear as Temp00x$, the "X" being the temp number.

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    Thank you.  Worked perfectly.