Migration from Advanced to Premium failing Error execute: select physical_name from master.sys.master_files where name = 'MAS_SYSTEM'

I have a migration that failed in the prepare stage, before any SQL databases or tables were created, and I am attempting to begin it again after addressing the dictionary issue that stopped the prepare.

However, the migration cannot begin and returns the above error for the data and log files.  (Error execute: select physical_name from master.sys.master_files where name = 'MAS_SYSTEM')  a similar error occurs for 'MAS_SYSTEM_Log' and then indicates that Database MAS_SYSTEM does not exist on the server and Migration can not continue.

I am noticing that the SystemMigrationFlag file indicates "System files migrated January 17, 2023 05:44:28pm" but there no MAS_SYSTEM databases in the instance, and the data files are not found in the directories where they should be placed by default.

What steps are necessary to restart the migration?  

Thanks in advance.



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    Always take a backup of MAS_System (SQL database) and the MAS90 folder on your target system before attempting to begin a to-Premium migration.  That allows an easy reset if you encounter errors.  If that wasn't done, you might have to re-install Sage 100 on the target system.

    (It's also a good idea, for Standard and Advanced, to migrate sourced from a MAS90 folder copy instead of your Live files).

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    Thanks very much.  The strange thing here is that the MAS_SYSTEM database was not created yet even though the log indicates otherwise.   I will do the re-install as you suggest.   Totally agree about migrating from a folder copy.

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    The MAS_System database gets created during the initial software install of Premium, not during the migration.

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    OK.  So then it must have been just deleted and never got to the insert in the migration process.  I thought all the prepare would happen before any databases would be dropped.   So when I reinstall I will make a backup before the migration.