ODBC Driver ADO NET Connection (COMPLUS Error)

In our SQL Agent Data Warehouse load job, we are running into intermittent issues with connecting to our ODBC driver. We had run into this issue previously, but it essentially disappeared on its own; however, once I upgraded the SQL server's OS to Windows Server 2019 (Nov 22) we started to have issues with the connection to the driver again. It happens a few times a day (sometimes only once or twice, sometimes several times)

In the SQL server Event Viewer, there is a COMPLUS (Component +) error that reads as an ODBC issue (below):

Component Prog ID: 2[ODBC][Env 000000000F7E8150] Method Name: IDispenserDriver::CreateResource Process Name: ISServerExec.exe Exception: c0000005 Address: 0X00007FF8EA58E56B
On the SQL Job itself we're running into an ADO NET connection issue.
Or some sort of other issue finding connection (below)
Does anyone know what might cause this issue? I realize it could be an issue in the SSIS side of things as well, but fairly often it runs without issue. Let me know if you need more context for this.