Sage 100 2020 Product Update 6


The Release Notes for 2020 show Product Update 6.  There is a hot fix, LM6029T, that shows Product Update 6.  However, Product Update 6 is not listed on the Downloads Page.  How do I get Product Update 6 for Sage 2020?



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    In the search field, just type in Download Sage 2020.6 and the download page will be presented to you.


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    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  I just read through the document that's included on the download page.  This client is Advanced so I have to break it to them that based on what the article states, they will have to Upgrade instead of just loading the Product Update.  This just turned into a much bigger project!

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    OK, I am confused.  I am having issues installing this PU 6 at a client running ADV.  When I launch the workstation, I encounter the message that an older version of Workstation Setup has been detected.  Uninstall, install same message.  Uninstall, reboot, install, same message.  Uninstall, reboot, install, reboot same message.  Nearly three hours of work down the drain as I have restore the server image back to PU 4 as well as restore the workstation image.  Now I read above that there is a document (can't find it) explaining that it may not work in ADVANCED?????

    Question 1 - where is this document and what does it say?  Is it the Release Notes PDF?   If so, there is no mention of STANDARD install ONLY!!

    Question 2 - If it is supposed to run on ADVANCED, has anyone encountered this endless loop of workstation client install messages and what does it take to get past it?

    Thanks in advance.

    Happy New Year!

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    Hey Jeff,

    Did you get this resolved? I didn't have a 2020 Adv system I could test, so I took a VM that only had 2019 Adv and installed a plain vanilla 2020 Adv system with PU 5. Poked around in it, then applied PU 6 (which I believe was supposed to only be available for Partners). 

    Workstation Synchronization ran normally, albeit slowly. Didn't have any other issues. That probably doesn't help much.

    The only documentation I see is the release notes, which has this at the beginning:

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    Nope, no responses from Sage or anyone else.  We tried again Wednesday night.  This round, I backed it down to PU5 and the install went without issue.  this client will be upgrading to v2023 late this summer, so I am moving on.  I actually have another posted where I outlined the steps.  I posted the above screen shot on the other thread.