• Where to find demo scripts to shadow UDT

    I'm looking to create a UDF lookup to the AR_Customer on the Lines tab of GL General Journal Entry.  I haven't been able to use oUIObj.InvokeLookup with a button because it throws an error stating Object required: oUIObj.  Because it's on the detail…

  • Where to find demo scripts to shadow UDT

    I'm looking to create a UDF lookup to the AR_Customer on the Lines tab of GL General Journal Entry.  I haven't been able to use oUIObj.InvokeLookup with a button because it throws an error stating Object required: oUIObj.  Because it's on the detail…

  • color SO Header Customer# defined by AR_Customer Type

    Trying to color the SO header customer# field if the customer type fall = specific value. I appreciate if you can help.

    Ctype = ""

    retVal = oBusObj.GetValue("CustomerType$", Ctype)

    If Ctype = "SDIS" then
    Set myUIObj = oSession…

  • Adding Columns to Transfers in Transaction Entry

    Is there a way to make hidden columns by Transaction Entry type show in transaction types they don't typically? And be editable?

    For example, the Unit Cost / Price definition in the Sage Help has this note:

    "The transaction type selected in the…

  • Script to Hide a DataGrid Column

    Is there a way via scrip to hide a column in a DataGrid?   
    I've seen similar questions posed but no answer directly to this.   

    Example:  User enters a Sales Order line item.  Based on the Product Line of the Item, have certain columns show and hide others…

  • Fields and Labels duplicated each time update custom office panels is run

    We have had several situations recently where recently where we are seeing that customized panels have the elements on the screen duplicated many times layered on top of each other. The number of duplications *MAY* correspond with the number of time that…

  • Item Maintenance - Categories

    Is there a way to make the Categories in Item Maintenance a drop down instead of text entry? Thanks!  

  • Copying Customized Panel

    Can you copy a customized panel from one user to multiple users (not all users in a company).. I have several users in company that have their own customized panels but I need to create a panel that all users need. So I dont want to include the already…

  • Column PreValidation & reverting user entry

    Hi guys, 

    To interactively approve or cancel an entered value by a user, is there a way to make it work just in PreValidation event?  I'm working in SO_SalesOrderHeader

    The basic logic flow is as follows

    1. User enters a value in a ShipVia
    2. Script checks…
  • Customer Maint display bill to on sold to main screen

    Does anyone know if you can display the billto customer # in the main screen in customer maintenance on the sold to?

  • Prevent Shipping Data Entry Shipment

    I'm trying hard to make this happen, but falling short.  I need to prevent a sales order from being shipped if a certain condition is met.  Ideally this would occur as soon as the sales order number is specified in shipping data entry (SalesOrderNo…

  • Sales Order Printing - How to set boxes to be checked by Default

    Good afternoon,

    I am on Sage 100cloud Premium 2020 V

    When printing a Sales Order at the Sales Order Printing Screen, I am trying to have the Print Lot/Serial Distributions box checked automatically by default. I have Lot/Serial turned on in…

  • Split Sales order with a script

    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has been able to split a sales order into two separate orders based on line information using a script. Would something like that be feasible?

  • Script no longer works when previously worked before.

    Hi I am very green to Sage scripting and am having an issue with a script that previously worked but no longer works now.

    I borrowed this code from and old post and this script was working for a bit. The textbox would appear with the Item code and after…

  • Resources File Layouts and program information

    Where is the link to resources in Sage 100 2022?

  • Linking one UDF to another

    I don't think this is possible in Sage 100c but I thought I'd ask.

    We want to store attributes on each item. For example, various attributes could be product type, material, color, etc. For each attribute we'd want to pick its value.


  • If this then that logic-custom office

    Can the custom office module handle a request, where if a user choose an item from a list then the choices from the next list change based on the first selection? If I choose "A" then my choices are 1,2,3 if I choose "B" then my choices are 1,4,3? Sage…

  • Pre/Post-Delete User Defined Script


    I am trying to capture a value when it has been deleted and store it to be used in another script. I have tried tying it to a Pre-Delete and Post-Delete event on the table storing the data, but neither are giving me anything. Can someone tell me…

  • Top Menu missing in Business Explorer

    Client is missing this menu in Business Insights Explorer.  I can't find a way to get it back....

  • Sales Order GD_Lines Refresh

    I have a button script that successfully changes the price level on SO Lines but the changes aren't visible in the grid until either moving to another tab and then back to Lines or closing and reopening the sales order.

    Is there a way to refresh the…

  • Adding a Bill Options enabled item programmatically, bill options lines are not being exploded/added


    We are trying to programmatically add a line item via a button click script event in Sales Order Entry where the item code being entered has Bill Options enabled.

    The canned Sage logic for Bill Option enabled items prompts the user to choose the…

  • Script creates error CI_Item.LCK does not have permssions

    We sometimes ship orders by LTL carrier.  We have had issues with people signing the Bill of Lading and then finding trucking damage later.  They do not get any consideration because they signed as received in good order.  Our shipping manager wants each…

  • Script to Update Module Date?

    I am trying to determine if it's possible to update the A/R module's accounting date via script.

    It appears that module dates are stored in the SY_ModuleDate table, but the table does not have an associated business object with it - to which I…

  • How do I hide one or more Tabs on a panel?

    I am trying to hide tabs 3, 4, and 5 for Customer Maintenance for a specific user. I know I could set the fields on the tabs to hidden, but the user wants the entire tab to be unseen when looking at Customer Maintenance/Inquiry. I cannot delete the tabs…

  • Hidden Field Is Still Showing


    I made a field hidden on the Lines tab grid of the Purchase Order Entry panel, yet it only shows hidden for me not other users.

    I made sure that the panel I made changes to was the All Companies/All Users customized panel. The only other changes…