• UDF validation to another UDT


    I want to add a UDF in the JT_Employee table and within the UDF maintenance I see i should be able to use a UDT to limit the options being chosen.  When I select the UDT validation button, a few UTDs are available but not the one I want.  How do I get…

  • UDF for Actual Freight Expense

    In which table should I place a UDF for actual freight expense to compare against the freight billed to a customer?

    We use StarShip Online but do not write back actual freight charges to the Shipping Data Entry Freight Amount field since we bill them a…

  • Add a Custom UDF for Inventory Price Change

    Does anyone know if you can add a UDF field in Inventory Maintenance that shows the date of the last price change?

  • Can you add a url to products so the crystal reports will export hyperlinks to our website?

    We'd like our quotes to display the product codes hyperlinked to their associated webpage on our website.

    Is there a way to do this with sage 100 and crystal reports? Seems like a very basic thing that should be doable. 

  • UDF's in A/P

    I have created a UDF in A/P Invoice Header to hold a document number (separate from the invoice number) on our A/P invoices being imported from a 3rd party solution.  That will work for invoices being created now.  What would be the best way to update existing…

  • UDFs no longer alphabetical in Selection on reports - Exclude from selection

    Hi Community,

    We have just upgraded a customer from V2015 Standard to V2020.1 Advanced and I have noticed that the UDFs in the selection grid on reports are no longer in alphabetical order - we have a couple of UDFs (12) but in the selection grid without…

  • Connect multiple UDFs so selecting one will display extra info to be used in Crystal Reports

    I added a tab to my Invoice Data Entry panel with UDFs

    I want to be able to select an option in "SCAC Code" which will then display the proper name of the carrier outside of the SCAC Code dropdown. I want the SCAC Code and CARRIER NAME to be…

  • printing UDF

    Hello, I'm curious to know if I can create user defined fields in Sales Order Entry and the same fields in Invoice Data Entry?

    The fields are populated in the Sales Order Entry window, and then transfer to the invoice.  The fields are in be added to…

  • UDF's on old tables

    Recently upgraded client to v2019 Adv. They wanted some UDF's cleaned up and I am seeing these fields from the report on older tables that are no longer available. How can I clean these up so they do not show on the report anymore? The report I am referring…

  • Header Print Area

    We have a lot of information in our header tab already and when we print our sales order the space is mostly allocated.  We have a new UDF field that we need to create and I am trying to figure out a place to put this new information, was hoping in the…

  • Possible to use a lookup for a UDF validating against a UDT?


    I have a UDF/script combo on sales order entry which requires the user to input a customer of type "A" into the UDF if the customer placing the order is of type "B". The values allowed are located on a UDT which I use the UDF to validate against…

  • Copying the Date value into new date UDF on the Invoice Data Entry


    We have a requirement, where when a new invoice is getting entered in AP, using a VBScript copy the Invoice Date to a new UDF.

    I did try to put the same using the Post Validate event on the Invoice Date, but it's not copying the data into the new UDF…

  • VB Script to compare and update the date values for 2 date fields


    I have a business requirement, where we have a Date Field1 and Date Field2, while entry of the details data, Field1 will get the date auto defaulted from the header date field. And Field2 will be blank.

    Later when there is an update on the Date Fi…

  • AP Manual Check Entry screen with UDF from another business object


    Can anyone help me with example code on how to get a User Defined Field in another object? I'm used to using oSession and oLines to get the header values and details for AP_ManualCheckHeader and AP_ManualCheckDetail. But I'm trying to get one…

  • How to use the same UDFs in PO ROG and IM Transaction Entry

    I have nearly 30 UDFs in PO Receipt of Goods Detail file and linked to posting/update files, work files and history files.  These are working great.

    Staff wants these same UDFs to appear in IM Transaction Entry for Receipts for those items without a PO…

  • Log who printed Picking Sheet

    I am trying to create a script that writes the current user key when the user prints the picking sheet. Has anyone done this before? My script doesn't appear to work and I am unsure which event I should use to accomplish. My code is below:


  • Why does a UDF in work table which should be null has value of other record?

    Hi all, 

    I hope you are up for some puzzles, I've spent 2 hours and I'm now lost.  The version is Sage 100 Advanced 2015, 5.20.1

    We have a UDF in SO_InvoiceWrk.  The purpose of it is to grab the invoice number to which a credit memo will apply and…

  • Custom Office - User Defined Scripts Help

    I need help.

    I created 2 numeric UDF's for CI_Item; PACK and EACH_COST.  I wanted to automatically calculate EACH_COST by taking the Item's Standard Cost and dividing it by the PACK.

    I searched SageCity and found a simple script and modified it…

  • script for extended item description in BOM


    I am new to scripting and am trying to create a script for a client that will bring in the extended item description into t

  • VB Script - Disable Fields - Date UDF

    I wrote a script to disable and enable certain UDF's based on certain conditions. These UDF's have different data types. when the script runs apart from the Date type UDF all others get disabled and enabled properly. Is there a special syntax to control…

  • Receipt of Goods Line UDF Mapped to Purchase Order Line UDF

    I have a checkbox UDF in PO_ReceiptDetail called UDF_LINE_COMPLETED, I have the same UDF within PO_PurchaseOrderDetail. I am trying to map the checkbox from RoG to the purchase order lines. Here is how I have it set up:

    This however is not working, what…

  • Moving an original Sage field to a different panel

    I have created 2 new tabs within Item Maintenance and would like to move a couple of the original Sage fields to them. When I go to place the field in my new tab it says it already exists on another panel and I would have to remove it in order to place…

  • Sage 100 2015 - UDF Field not showing in the Selection Criteria for Invoice Printing

    We have added a UDF to the SO_InvoiceWrk table (other UDFs existed and show in the selection criteria).  The UDF shows on the report but does not show in the selection list.  If we add the UDF as a parameter field it does not work (the parameter is ignored…

  • Add UDF to Item Inquiry panel

    Hi all

    I created a UDF in the CI_ITEM table, i want to add that to the item_Maintenance panel, and item_inquiry panel.  i have three UDF's called catagory1, catagory2, catagory3 .    i tried to right click on the panel and selected customizer but nothing…

  • Problem with script updating UDF with date based on SO header order status

    Hey all, 

    I need to write a script that can put the current date into a UDF when the Order Status is changed from "Hold" to "Open".

    We have the release date UDF set as a table-post-write.

    This is the code so far.