• Crystal Reports Next() function

    I was trying to use this to get the Next record and compare to the current.  In this case 

    if next(ItemCode) =ItemCode then ...

    When I use it the report wont run and I get the below message.  I am guessing this function is just not allowed within Sage 100…

  • Finding historic periods of zero or negative inventory

    I have been working on making reports for our purchasing staff who do not have a lot of experience with the yearly flux of our inventory  They have also been thrown off by the disruptions caused by COVID and the supply chain issues that accompanied it.  When…

  • Database login failed into Crystal KnowledgeSync

    Trying not to duplicate a question that has already been asked.

    I have a crystal report that can be run from Sage and interactively that does not use any work tables, but when attempting to run it from a KnowledeSync report in 10.5 version I get a Database…

  • Created by User Code - Work Ticket WIP Reconciliation Report - Operations Management

    I am adding the Creator (2 or 3 initials of our team) of a Sales Order/Work Ticket on the WIP Report.  It only comes up on part of the Work Tickets listed.  I have tried to compare of what has hours applied, what has parts, etc.  Is there utility I should…

  • BIE Send page by Email Option Not Working

    Upgraded from v2020 to v2020 and users cannot use the option to Send Page by Email option in BIE. Nothing happens when clicked on. I have the same issue on my workstation. My default email is working properly and I tried running Sage as admin. Thanks…

  • Edit a BIE dashboard

    Is it possible to change the BIE dashboard to display the item code rather than the description in the Top Items dashboard for example? Data comes from the Inventory Sales Analysis Report.

  • Emailing customer


    We have a company that is closing and we would like to email all are customers in Sage letting them know this... is there a way to do this. Or can edit the email template that is used when emailing invoices to customers. 

    Thanks much!!

  • Tax Code Table

    Hello it's me again....

    Does anyone know what SQL table is the Tax Codes are in?? I need a list of all the tax codes with rates included. When I print the Tax Code from Sales Tax Code Maintenance I just get the codes no rates.. 

    Thanks much .. 

  • sage 100 Open sales Orders by Item Report

    how can i generate a report for items needed to fulfill open sales orders?

  • Crystal Report, Group Item sold from first invoice date for first 3 months


    I need some help on how i can do this in crystal report, I would like to get each item number and based on their first invoice transaction, i would like to get the quantity sold for the first month, second month and third month in columns.

    For example…

  • User Can Access Report under Business Insights but NOT under Custom Report Section

    I created a report using Business Insights wizard, through which I added it to the Custom Reports section in the SO module and gave access to the certain roles.

    Our users can run the report when accessing under Business Insights module but get an error…

  • Business Insights Invoice Number Repeating

    I created a sales history report in Business Insights Report Wizard using Invoice History.  Objective is a total invoice amount including invoice number, customer number, customer name, invoice date, transaction date.  However, the report repeats invoice…

  • Standard item description does not print when Extended Item Description box is checked

    I'd had been having a problem with extended item descriptions not printing in purchase orders and called our vendor for several issues including this one.

    They checked the form and found nothing amiss, but did find that our check box for extended…

  • Crystal reports within Sage so slow for one user

    User has a new workstation and running crystal reports takes forever. A report that takes a few minutes to run for a coworker takes overnight for this user. We have checked the firewall on the server and workstation. Uninstalled and reinstalled Sage,…

  • Crystal Reports QuantityDecimal formula for 2 decimal places

    What formula would be used in QuantityDecimal to set the number of decimals to 2?  We need 4 decimals for qty for BOMS only, so would like all forms to only display 2 decimals.


  • Business Insights Report ignores Advanced Logic in Filter

    Sage 100 Standard 2021, PU 2. This was working (and still works) in 2018. Advanced Logic says to include only a Range of Customers PLUS 1 specific Customer. 

    Here is what it looks like in 2018:

    And, like I say, it works. Here it is in 2021:

    Of course I…

  • Historical MRP from prior year


    I am trying to pull MRP from the prior year. 

  • Crystal custom rpts after upgrade to 2021

    Getting database connection error on all custom payroll rpts after upgrade to 2021.  Other custom rpts fine.

  • Why should an end user ever be able to circumvent paperless office for forms by selecting "Print All"?

    I'm scratching my head wondering what business reason would exist for a company to adopt a paperless office policy for forms distribution and then also want a random employee to be able to NOT save a copy of the form simply by selecting "Print All"?…

  • How to identify user running crystal report

    Does anyone have a creative suggestion on how to display the sage 100 user who is running a custom crystal report on the report so I can link to the AR salesperson?

    I’m trying to find a way to suppress information on a custom crystal report where the…

  • Schedule Crystal report

    Scheduled regular sage 100 rpts work well in task scheduler.

    Is there a documented way to schedule a custom crystal report.  Posts I see are many years old so hoping there's an easier solution now.  Have a involved rpt that takes a while to run while…

  • International Paperless Office Emails

    I have two end users that often email Purchase Orders Internationally...both to China.  On occasion both end users are unable to send their email, they get the long/cryptic Paperless Office error that ends with:

    Failed to read beginning of SSL/TLS record…

  • Business Insights Report fails after update from 2020.1 to 2020.2 Advanced

    Message is “You cannot run this report as the data is in use by another task.”  Other messages include:  "view cannot be used - one or more tables are missing" to the table VIEW_ to the "you do not have sufficient rights" depending on if you…

  • create new Sales Order form where lines print in correct order

    I need to create a sales order form for KnowledgeSync. I can't get the lines to print in the correct order.

    The standard sales order form created from the sales order work table has a "Group" that I'm assuming is what gets order lines to print as…

  • Crystal Report Page Layout not previewing any width greater than 8.5"

    I created a Sales Report in Crystal Reports 2016 that has 20 columns of Summary and then those 20 columns have sub-reports that I have linked to provide the Details by simply clicking on the hyper-link of the Sub_Report name.  I added the Sales Report…