• Add a Custom UDF for Inventory Price Change

    Does anyone know if you can add a UDF field in Inventory Maintenance that shows the date of the last price change?

  • Permanently Enable Button on UI

    I have a button script located on a Cash Receipts Entry screen. Sage disables it by default until a customer number has been entered. The purpose of the button is to assist the user with locating the customer number, so this doesn't work for our use-case…

  • Object Reference & Table name for Customer Price Schedule --> Pricing Method --> Price Discount Amount

    Hi All,

    Need object reference & table name for Item Maintenance --> More --> Item Pricing Maintenance --> Customer Price Schedule --> Pricing Method --> Price Discount Amount to pull the discounted price by running the script. 

    I right…

  • Invoice Batching – Can't Set the Cost Account Key

    When invoicing RMA's, we use logic in a custom script to set the cost account key and the sales account key on the line items based on based on the customer division. When I go to the newly created invoice, the sales account key has the correct value…

  • Sage100 Visual Integrator Conundrum


    I'll try and be concise. I am working with Sage100 2019 and Visual Integrator Jobs. We just moved up from Mas90 4.3. Whoa, I know. Here's my dilemma:

    In Mas90, we had a VI job that would bring in website orders in a csv formatted file and…

  • VB Script to compare and update the date values for 2 date fields


    I have a business requirement, where we have a Date Field1 and Date Field2, while entry of the details data, Field1 will get the date auto defaulted from the header date field. And Field2 will be blank.

    Later when there is an update on the Date Fi…

  • Trying to add UDF for Last Updated (date for standard cost) for use in Price Updates

    We are working on an eCommerce site that is linked to our MAS90. I have an import job created that I use for internal price updates that uses the CI_Item table. 

    I am wanting to add an Update Date field to the Import Job, but can't find that anywhere.…

  • Divide by zero in Explore

    Hi All,

       I want to setup a calculated field in explore that takes a package quantity UDF and divides the on-hand quantity by that to show the number of cases they have on hand.  The hitch is that not all of the items have a pack size and some items have…

  • How to determine which event is firing off a script

    I am looking for the code to determine the event that fired off a script.  Are there any methods to check to see if the event is post-read, pre-write, post write, pre delete, or post delete?

  • Recurring Inspection

    We are a service company, using MAS 90 and Automated Services. One of our tasks for many of our customers is a monthly recurring inspection. How can we automate this (i.e. Put the first inspection on the monthly board then have it repeat ever month after…

  • How to get Crystal Reports to Pull Data from 2 Unrelated Tables and Summarize Them

    I have a crystal report that is pulling data from our posted AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader and AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail files and I have the exact same report pulling data from our un-posted SO_InvoiceHeader and SO_InvoiceDetail tables.  I want to have the two…

  • How to Sort a Crystal Report by Positive or Negative Summary Fields and also by Item Number

    I have a crystal report that is pulling data from our posted AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader and AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail files.  I want to have it subtotal the quantities of each of the products and then print all items with a negative number on one page and all…

  • Using General Ledger Exchange

    I have gone through the set up wizard for the General Ledger Exchange to import a journal entry from a CSV vile and got all of the way through to the GL Exchange window to import the file.  When I click on the Proceed file I get an error that says, "Source…

  • Custom Financial Reporting report linkage problem

    I am using MAS 90 under Windows 7.  I have made copies of several custom reports using the Custom Report Maintenance screen, typing in a new report number, and then using the Copy From button to copy the old report number to the new report number.  The…

  • Print Purchase Order Paperless Office

    I am trying to use BOI tp print PO to paperless office and I am having hard time finding any good examples of printing to paperless.

    Does anyone have code for printing of any forms or reports to paperless?

    My goal is to email PDF copy of purchase order…

  • Profit & Loss Multiple Year Trend Report

    I am trying to create a profit & loss trend report that compares three or more years.  I am using the "Custom Report Maintenance" option in MAS90.  Is this possible?  Any solutions would be appreciated.  Thank you.

  • F9 reporting software with Sage 100

    I use F9 s/w to produce monthly reports for our Not-For-Profit, and to manage our budget process since it will extract information from Mas90.

    Its past time to do our upgrade to the latest Sage100 s/w.

    It appears that F9 won't work with Sage 100. 

  • Script to Auto Create Packages in Shipping Data entry

    Hi all,

    it's been a while since I've been here and even longer since I've done any scripts...  

    I need to write a script that will auto-Generate shipping packages based on business rules.  does anyone have a simple script that they are willing…

  • Sage ERP Mas 90 - Customize Custom Look up with Bin location

    Using version I need to add bin location to the item inquiry and item maintenance look up fields. So when I go to Item Inquiry or Maintenance, then the look up magnifying glass and I use the custom tab. I can add just about everything I want…

  • How to write User Defined Script to calculate Discount?

    I need to let the system to calculate a discount based on Sales Order Header - 4. Totals -Order Total.

    The formula will be 5% * Order Total. I need to create a UDF, UDF_DISCOUNT,  under Sales Order Header - 4. Totals Tab to show this amount.

    I don't know…

  • RE: How to Add UDF to PO Detail Table from PO Header Table

    Thank you very much. It works.

    However, how to get value from different module? For example, I want to get value from PO header to add to open sales order table.

    Also, what are all abbreviation of different type of tables, such as header table, wrk…

  • How to Add UDF to PO Detail Table from PO Header Table

    I created a UDF, Estimated Delivery Date,  in PO Header. Now I have trouble to add this UDF to PO Detail table. Anyone can help me?

    User-Defined Field and Table Maintenance-->PO Purchase Order Detail-->Right click-->Edit Fields-->Green '+' on the right…

  • Importing Purchase Order Information into MAS90.... almost there

    Trying to import a CSV file into Mas90.  Looking to bring in the following....

    PO Date

    What I have is working perfectly if I import a PO# that has already been entered into MAS90…