Add a Custom UDF for Inventory Price Change

Does anyone know if you can add a UDF field in Inventory Maintenance that shows the date of the last price change?

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    You can definitely add a date field UDF to the inventory maintenance file. Were you looking for it to populate somehow?

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    I would like to add a date field into the Inventory item maintenance screen master page IM_ITEM.M4L (if I right click on the screen I can see the name)  so when I use VI to update StandardUnitPrice & StandardUnitCost I would have a date they were last updated. I would import the date with the data. The VI import for pricing updates is being accomplished via table CI_Item in CI_Item Master. When I open customizer and go to User defined field and table maintenance. The CI_ tables do not exist. For inventory I only see IM tables and no master. As you know you have to have the UDF defined prior to adding it to the screen. Any ideas?

    Thanks for responding!


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    CI tables should always be in UDF / UDT maintenance. 

    After adding the fields there, you should see them in Customizer.

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