• Sage Intelligence, upgrading from Sage 100 Advanced to Premium installation or migration process

    Good morning.

    A few years back when upgrading a client from Sage 100 Advanced to Premium I needed to obtain a special Sage Intelligence installation file to install a version of Report Manager that was made for connecting to SQL rather than the ProvideX…

  • Sage Intelligence question regarding Sage 100 Premium upgrade- Why can't I just point to the new repository?

    I am upgrading a client from Sage 100 2018 Premium with a complex Sage Intelligence install to Sage 100 2021 Premium with no change in Sage Intelligence's version. According to the documentation and a support call, I need to do a clean install of the…

  • Sage 100 Upgrade (regarding sage intelligence)

    We will be upgrading from Sage 100 2017 to Sage 100 2020.  Does an explicit upgrade of Sage Intelligence need to happen as well?  If not,  does anything need to happen to 'point' SI to the new instance of Sage?  Thanks!

  • error trying to refresh links

    I'm getting this error, what is it trying to tell me? what do i need to change / fix?

    getting it on several reports after an upgrade to 2016.

    An error occurred trying to refresh Excel's links to it's installed Add-ins.

    The error was [Unable…

  • Workstation "locked" while SI reports run

    A client has 84 companies in their Sage 100 Standard system, which was recently upgraded from v4.50 to v2016. The upgrade was installed on a new Server 2012 and workstations are new Windows 10 units, all exceeding current SPM specs. In Sage Intelligence…

  • Error Opening Excel

    We recently upgraded a client from 2014 to 2016.2.  There are 2 workstations that get an error when opening Excel that points to a Sage Intelligence file.  Sage Intelligence is not set up at this client.  I have uninstalled workstation setup, verified that…

  • question about which modules I need for financial reporting

    We currently have MAS200 4.4 and are upgrading to Sage 100 2014/15.  We are retiring FRx.

    I am setting up a test environment for Sage 100 and it's almost all set up.  My question is with reporting.

    The new software comes with a license for Sage Intelligence…