• PLDONGLE.DLL is empty and the download has been aborted.

    Trying to register in license manager and getting this error: Error: “The download file (PLDONGLE.DLL) is empty and the download has been aborted. Please check that your internet connection is functioning correctly."

    I have checked all the environmental…

  • Error Number: [462] BICore

    We are getting this error message on 4 machines (same company) running financials in Sage Intelligence.

    Error Number: [462]

    Description: [The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable]

    Source: [BICore]

    The server is running Excel in a new…

  • report run time different between workstations

    Have a recurring issue where the report run time is considerably different from one workstation vs another. A report takes 11 mins on one and 40 on another. Looking for advice on what to look for between the 2 workstations. Sage 100c v2018 adv.

  • YTD only data for Income Statement and balance Sheet - tree with 60+ companies

    I have a customer that we are converting from MAS90 ver 4.3 Frx to Sage 100 ver 2017 SI.

    Their old Frx reports ran in a matter of minutes.

    The SI reports for P&L with 64 companies in the tree take only 9 min on my stand alone system with their data…

  • Workstation "locked" while SI reports run

    A client has 84 companies in their Sage 100 Standard system, which was recently upgraded from v4.50 to v2016. The upgrade was installed on a new Server 2012 and workstations are new Windows 10 units, all exceeding current SPM specs. In Sage Intelligence…

  • Sage 100 standard 2016 very slow report manager/excel workbook and BI Tools/add account

    The place I'm at recently upgraded to the Sage 100 Standard 2016, not sure what they were using before, the answers I have been able to get are MAS90 or SMI.

    The accounting department is using Report Manager, going to what they need and clicking…