• Inventory Valuation report Sort question

    I'm looking for assistance on an Inventory Valuation Report. I'd like the report to sort via valuation. The highest values descending to lowest. I can't export to Excel and sort that way because of serial numbers. 

    Does anyone have ideas on…

  • convert single company GL reports to consolidated company reports

    Can the reports "GL Transactions incl BegBalances" & "GL Transactions Incl Open Balances" be converted to Consolidation reports?

    Or, is there a way to set the company code and add the 8 companies as sub-reports?

  • Calculate aging over time

    Where can I find the information I need to calculate customer aging over time? Usually when I get stuck I can copy something one of my predecessors did, but no one knows of any report like this previously. 

    I want to be able to show a sales person, for…

  • Report Writer - Searching for Consultant


    I run a fire protection company. We started a year ago and have grown to be 55 people and ~$7m of revenue. We use Sage 100. We're starting to need to get into analytics. We have an install and service part to our business and multiple services lines…

  • SIR consolidated report recommendations

    A client has 15 Sage 100 companies & 9 Excel spreadsheets. Each spreadsheet has 20 tabs - one for each company plus several for combining different companies.  SIR will take about 5 minutes to load. I'm looking for a recommendation as how to structure…

  • Sage Intelligence Reporting Webcasts

    Hello to our Sage 100 U.S. members! :) 

    We understand the impact the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having and how it has and still is affecting your business. We want you to know: we're here to help and as the new year approaches, we would like to take the…

  • Print SO Line Number on Packing Slip & Invoices on crystarl report

    Hello Everyone,

    Looking for a little help on how to print the sales order line number on Packing Slips & Invoices.

    We are finding every time a partial order is shipped the line numbers are renumbered starting at one based on the remaining lines to…


    Is there a location that we can go to in order to print multiple pick sheets at once without  having to open each one individually?

  • Sage 100 2019 Sage Intelligence Bank Account Number

    Wrote a Positive Pay report using the Intelligence a couple of years ago for a client.

    The report contains the Bank Account Number from the GL_Bank file.

    They just upgraded to Sage 100 2019 ran the report and the Bank Account Number is blank.


  • Is Excel 2019 Perpetual License Supported with Sage Intelligence (Sage 100 v2020)

    We would like to install Excel 2019 perpetual license so Sage Intelligence can be run, however, the Sage Compatibility Matrix lists Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 or o365 Desktop as compatible with Sage Intelligence for Sage 100 version 2020 (6.2).  Excel 2019…

  • Sage Intelligence Connector - Adding a duplicate or alias table

    Sage 2019

    I created a Data Container.  I added a table and would like to add an alias of the same table with a left join.

    When I attempt to add the table, a message informs me the table has already been added.  In Crystal or Access, I am allowed to do this…

  • Error? Excel cannot open the file "xx" because the file format or file extension is not valid

    I need help with this error message.

    This particular file worked fine on Friday.   Now, on Monday, it won't open.  My other files seem to work just fine.

    I get this error:

    Excel cannot open the file "file name" because the file format or file extension…

  • sage time format / Crystal Report


    i am trying to create a report, and want to supply the TimeUpdated String(8) field from the IM_PriceCode table.

    can i create a formula field to convert that Field to a 12 hour time field?  if so.. how?

    Thanks for reading.


  • UNION Query SAGE 100 (MAS90)

    Does the Connector support UNION Queries for Sage 100 Data?

    Have a simple UNION that just doesn't seem to work. See sample below:


    JT_Transaction.SalesOrderNo as 'SalesOrderNo',


  • Profit Report by Customer

    Is there a way to do a profit report per customer? 

  • Sage Intelligence Data Limit Reached in Excel

    I have a Consolidated Financial Statement that contains up to 30 companies. It appears to be hitting the data limit. I talked to Sage Support and they said that the data can be filtered to generate the report. I wanted to pull the last 2 years of history…

  • YTD only data for Income Statement and balance Sheet - tree with 60+ companies

    I have a customer that we are converting from MAS90 ver 4.3 Frx to Sage 100 ver 2017 SI.

    Their old Frx reports ran in a matter of minutes.

    The SI reports for P&L with 64 companies in the tree take only 9 min on my stand alone system with their data…

  • Creating a custom report incorporating Customer Maintenance and Item Maintenance info


    I am trying to create a custom report that would show customer details relating to items sold.

    I am looking to include:

    Customer Name and associated purchase history of a given item #, item description, standard cost, standard price, and if…

  • Workstation "locked" while SI reports run

    A client has 84 companies in their Sage 100 Standard system, which was recently upgraded from v4.50 to v2016. The upgrade was installed on a new Server 2012 and workstations are new Windows 10 units, all exceeding current SPM specs. In Sage Intelligence…

  • Error 462 while attempting to run Sage Intelligence Reports (in Sage 100c 2016)

    I have a client experiencing some errors I have never seen...

    They are heavy Sage Intelligence users.  We just upgraded to Sage 100c 2016 a few weeks ago and since then their Sage Intelligence has been more error prone than I would like...

    Here is a screen…

  • VI Invoice type

    I am trying to convert the various invoice types to a type my customer is using in their system.  While I'm familiar with if/ then statements, I do not know how to accomplish this with VI.  For example: if the invoice type is IN, the customer wants the…

  • Upgrading 100 ERP

    We are currently running v4.3 for sage 100.  We have been growing as a company and currently have 20 concurrent user licenses. 

    Issues: Our reports take forever to run.  GL Detail/Financial reports are the worst for our main company who's GL is very large…

  • Still looking for an FRx replacement? Register for session BUS-563 at Sage Summit

    FRx reports can be efficiently converted to Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Reporting using the powerful functionality of the Sage Intelligence Report Designer.

    Sage Intelligence Product Specialist, Sandra Smith, will show you how to simply export existing…

  • I cannot print invoices in a range, it only print the first invoice.

    I cannot print invoices in a range, it only print the first invoice. 

  • Error Printing range of Invoices (Data is not selected for report printing)

    I do not want to use the option "Print the option already printed"
    I know for sure that there should be a way to print in range without selecting that option.

    Thank  you for your help.