• Converting F9 v5 reports to Sage Intelligence

    Anyone have any information on how to convert F9 v5 (previously called FRx) reports to Sage Intelligence?  I have a client who is faced with upgrading to F9 v6 and I would like to get them over to Sage Intelligence instead. 

    The only information I can find…

  • Sage Intelligence, upgrading from Sage 100 Advanced to Premium installation or migration process

    Good morning.

    A few years back when upgrading a client from Sage 100 Advanced to Premium I needed to obtain a special Sage Intelligence installation file to install a version of Report Manager that was made for connecting to SQL rather than the ProvideX…

  • P&L by Specific Date Range in Sage Intelligence


    I'm looking to create an Income Statement by a specific date range.

    There was a previous post of an individual stating they wanted to do the same thing and the response was that it could be done, but that you had to have Report Designer.


  • Sage intelligence add functions

    SI has a function for "GLActual" that nets the debits and credits.

    Is it possible to add 2 different functions to get the debit and credit separately?

    the data exists in the actuals currently included sub report.

  • convert single company GL reports to consolidated company reports

    Can the reports "GL Transactions incl BegBalances" & "GL Transactions Incl Open Balances" be converted to Consolidation reports?

    Or, is there a way to set the company code and add the 8 companies as sub-reports?

  • Intelligence stopped refreshing data when changing Period or Year. Any ideas how to fix it?

    Sage intelligence has stopped refreshing when I change the Period or Year.   I have formulas linked to a Year and Period so that changing either cell with the Year or Period changes the data to that time frame.   It worked fine in a previous report version…

  • Create company parameter for Intelligence report template used across multiple databases

    We have a client that has several hundred companies in Sage 100.  They have a report template that they would like to run individually on each of these companies.

    The customer owns the Connector module.

    Using the standard Autoconnect connection in Connector…

  • Restricting a column on reporting only a specific date instead of an entire period

    I'm hitting a wall. My client wants a column in Sage Intelligence to pull only total of net activity for a specific day instead of a period. It has to do with accruals. They don't want to enter accrual journal entries. They want to keep the expenses dated…

  • Report Designer Add In only populates if Sage run as admin

    I have an usual situation where I'm trying to setup Sage Intelligence on a new workstation and I have all the proper permissions set on the BI folders, the program data folder and the registry for the excel add in. There's multiple reports that use the…

  • Sage Intelligence question regarding Sage 100 Premium upgrade- Why can't I just point to the new repository?

    I am upgrading a client from Sage 100 2018 Premium with a complex Sage Intelligence install to Sage 100 2021 Premium with no change in Sage Intelligence's version. According to the documentation and a support call, I need to do a clean install of the…

  • Request Server (WEB) License

    Would anyone be able to explain what the Request Server (WEB) License is and why it has a count in there in license manager for some installs and not others? Thanks.

  • Error Number: [462] BICore

    We are getting this error message on 4 machines (same company) running financials in Sage Intelligence.

    Error Number: [462]

    Description: [The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable]

    Source: [BICore]

    The server is running Excel in a new…

  • Intelligence Sales Report does not tie to P&L

    When I run a standard Customer Sales report in Intelligence for a month (Nov in this instance) it does not tie to the PL or sales recap report .  Intelligence is typically higher than the PL.  I can trace it to a specific product line but I don't see anything…

  • An error occurred trying to create the Reporting Trees folder [\\server\si_repo$\ReportTrees]. The error was: The network path was not found.

    End user has their Sage 100 hosted and they use Sage Intelligence report designer add-in for financial statements including the reporting trees feature. The financial statement report generates fine on the hosted site. It can be saved as excel on the…

  • Publishing Financial Reports after version 2018

    Good afternoon.

    It is my understanding that we are no longer able to publish Sage Intelligence financial reports that were generated using the Consol Financial Report Designer using the Distribution Tab in the BITools Ribbon beginning with version 2019…

  • Sage Intelligence Reporting Webcasts

    Hello to our Sage 100 U.S. members! :) 

    We understand the impact the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having and how it has and still is affecting your business. We want you to know: we're here to help and as the new year approaches, we would like to take the…

  • Sage Intelligence Reporting Tree units on separate worksheets

    Has anyone come up with a way to force SMI to generate reporting units to individual worksheets without manually creating a worksheet for each unit? I have a client migrating from FRx and they have a reporting tree with 280+ units.  Creating a worksheet…

  • GL Transaction Report

    I cannot get to the Sage Intelligence Reporting.  When I click on Report Viewer, it asks for a network repository, and I select a folder but it just keeps asking for the network repository path.  My question is 1) How do I get passed this, or 2) Is there…

  • Sage 100 2019 and Power BI connect via ODBC (DIRECT)

    We have Sage 100c 2019.   We use Sage Intelligence that sends reports via Windows Task Scheduler to Power BI Desktop.  We use Power BI Cloud that pulls the data.   This has been working successfully for a long time.

    I am testing a DIRECT connection between…

  • Sage 100 2019 Sage Intelligence Bank Account Number

    Wrote a Positive Pay report using the Intelligence a couple of years ago for a client.

    The report contains the Bank Account Number from the GL_Bank file.

    They just upgraded to Sage 100 2019 ran the report and the Bank Account Number is blank.


  • ODBC Driver for Excel returning NULL values for alphanumeric item codes

    why is the container importing my excel file with blank (NULL) values for items with alpha numeric labels? additionally the columns have switched order?

    Excel Output                                       Connector Module Sample Run                         Original Excel FIle Import

  • Sage Intelligence report loses formatting when distributed

    After switching machines, my Sage Intelligence reports are not sending properly. I had been sending the reports to users utilizing the File - Share option in Excel on my old laptop. After switching, when I send through the File - Share option, all users…

  • Is Excel 2019 Perpetual License Supported with Sage Intelligence (Sage 100 v2020)

    We would like to install Excel 2019 perpetual license so Sage Intelligence can be run, however, the Sage Compatibility Matrix lists Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 or o365 Desktop as compatible with Sage Intelligence for Sage 100 version 2020 (6.2).  Excel 2019…

  • Sage Intelligence Connector - Adding a duplicate or alias table

    Sage 2019

    I created a Data Container.  I added a table and would like to add an alias of the same table with a left join.

    When I attempt to add the table, a message informs me the table has already been added.  In Crystal or Access, I am allowed to do this…

  • report run time different between workstations

    Have a recurring issue where the report run time is considerably different from one workstation vs another. A report takes 11 mins on one and 40 on another. Looking for advice on what to look for between the 2 workstations. Sage 100c v2018 adv.